Smartsafe, the global leader in car aftermarket services  

Smartsafe, the global leader in car aftermarket services  

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SmartSafe X-431 ADAS PRO PLUS ADAS Calibration

SmartSafe X-431 ADAS PRO PLUS ADAS Calibration

SmartSafe provides perfect solutions: X-431 ADAS PRO PLUS is an ADAS calibration tool with easy operation and high ADAS calibration accuracy. It can help auto repair shops to perform ADAS recalibration on the vehicle, which will return to the original specification to ensure the safe operation of the car.

The functions supported by X-431 ADAS PRO PLUS ADAS calibrations include LDW, ACC, RCW, AVM, BSD, NVS, etc., and support a wide range of brand models currently on the market. SmartSafe brand, as an expert in automotive aftermarket services, can provide you with services within minutes!

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SmartSafe X-861 PRO Wheel Alignment

SmartSafe X-861 PRO Wheel Alignment

SmartSafe wheel alignment has independently developed software technology to meet the coverage of 40,000+ vehicles and provide a multi-faceted data solution for vehicle wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment X-861 PRO adopts a mobile design to save space and uses a 5MP Ultra HD camera to accurately read vehicle chassis data. Device operation is simple with a step-by-step software guide. Correctly use efficient wheel alignment tools in your 4S shop, SmartSafe brand is your excellent choice!

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SmartSafe iSmartLink D01 Auto Diagnostic Tools

iSmartLink D01, developed by SmartSafe, is a professional Auto Smart Diagnostic Tool that integrates ADAS calibration, anti-theft matching and vehicle diagnosis. The device can perform fault diagnosis of the entire product model and system (including reading/clearing fault codes and reading data streams, etc.), and can be used with the specified (optional) for ADAS calibration.

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SmartSafe CNC-605A Injector Cleaning

SmartSafe CNC-605A Injector Cleaning

About Injector Cleaning, SmartSafe offers several effective and fast solutions. The best function is the combination of ultrasonic cleaning technology and microprocessor oil pressure control cleaning detection technology.

SmartSafe CNC-605A uses this high-efficiency technology to thoroughly remove carbon deposits on fuel injectors. Test the tightness and leakage of the fuel injector under a certain pressure. And the equipment also has an automatic mode, which can automatically test the injector through the preset program.

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SmartSafe provides leading solutions about automotive Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) calibrations , battery detection and analysis of new energy vehicle, and automotive safety system detection and analysis.
Customers are located in more than 80 countries. Such as China, Germany, the United States, UK, France, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, etc., acrossing Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and so on.
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    Intelligent Diagnosis Technology Based on CAN Communication

    To judge the failure of the CAN communication bus system. It is helpful to judge whether the various parts of the car are faulty. And implement fault measures to ensure the safety of the car.

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    Automatic reading and analysis technology of vehicle VIN code
    Through the VIN code automatic identification technology, you can quickly understand the basic information of the car (manufacturer, engine model, car production time, etc.), bid farewell to the traditional manual entry, and make the work more intelligent, efficient and fast.
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    Intelligent guided calibration scheme based on big data of automobile maintenance
    Graphical display of vehicle ADAS system organizational structure, automatic system scanning, and vehicle status at a glance. Provide detailed operation steps and illustrations, and guide customers to complete the operation step by step.
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