SmartSafe | VM13 Wireless Voltage Monitor Officially Released!

Dec 15,2023
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VM13 Wireless Voltage Monitor-01

VM13 is a high-precision, wide-range intelligent DC voltage measuring instrument that supports multi-channel wireless networking connections. Supports DC 0~1000V voltage measurement range with an accuracy of 0.5%FS.

- Multi-point voltage wireless collection, integrated display
- Support voltage change curve, high sampling rate
- Supports up to 48 channels of wireless network connections at the same time
- DC 0~1000V measurement, accuracy reaches 0.5%FS

Supports up to 48 channels of wireless networking

Through wireless data transmission of EV detection tools or smart terminals, VM13 can achieve a maximum of 48 channels of simultaneous wireless network connections.

VM13 Wireless Voltage Monitor-03

Voltage change curve

Through intelligent terminal equipment such as ST13, the voltage values of multiple devices/circuits under test can be displayed at the same time, and multi-channel voltage change curves can be viewed.

VM13 Wireless Voltage Monitor-04

Multi-channel dynamic monitoring, rapid troubleshooting

Multi-channel dynamic monitoring, quick troubleshooting VM13 supports multi-channel network dynamic voltage collection, wireless transmission through intelligent connection terminals, real-time viewing of multi-channel voltage data summary, and helping maintenance and inspection personnel quickly complete vehicle troubleshooting.

VM13 Wireless Voltage Monitor-05

Voltmeter reverse lookup

When multiple voltmeters are connected, VM13 supports reverse search of the voltmeter, with a buzzer reminder and indicator light flashing.

VM13 Wireless Voltage Monitor-06

Can independently monitor voltage

VM13 has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which has a long battery life. It can be used as an independent voltmeter, supporting 0~1000V DC voltage measurement with a measurement accuracy of 0.5% FS. The voltage value is displayed in real-time through the digital screen of the fuselage.

VM13 Wireless Voltage Monitor-07

Built-in magnetic device

VM13 is compact and lightweight, with a built-in magnetic device that can be adsorbed on the surface of iron objects.

VM13 Wireless Voltage Monitor-08

Quick connection method

When networking with terminal equipment such as ST13 and P13, you only need to scan the QR code of the VM13 body to quickly connect. If you want to connect multiple wireless voltage meters, you can also manually add them in batches.

Product Parameters

Measurement Range
DC 0~1000V
Measurement Accuracy
Charging Interface
Type C
Working Temperature
Display Method
6-digit digital tube
Storage Temperature
Communication Method


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