SmartSafe Wheel Alignment Machines

The Wheel Alignment Machines are equipment used to test the wheel alignment parameters of the cars. Compare the obtained results with the original design parameters, and guide the user to adjust the wheel alignment parameters in order to make them meet the original design requirements and make it achieve ideal car performance. That is, the operation is light, the driving is stable and reliable, and the partial wear of the tires is reduced.

X-861 Series 3D Professional Wheel Alignment Tools are used to test the wheel parameters and provide reference to manufacturer specifications. By comparing the two sets of parameters, the operator can adjust the vehicle wheel parameters to a reasonable range, to achieve ideal driving performance and avoid unreasonable tire wear.

When wheel alignment will be needed

Wheel alignment will be necessary when any one of the following occurs: Vehicle pull to one side when release steering wheel; Uneven tire wear; Steering wheel too heavy, too light or shake when driving at high speed; After tire change, chassis parts replacement; After collision; After 3000 km's drive of new car; At regular vehicle maintenance

Smartsafe Wheel Alignment Machines
Working Principle

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Processing
  • Summarize

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition category consists of 2 high-definition cameras and 4 targets. Left and right side cameras get the target image and send it to the data processing category. The target was mounted onto the wheel via clamps, thus calculating the wheel position by the target point and confirming the wheel alignment.

Data Processing

The data processing category is the core component of the X-861 Series 3D Wheel Alignment Machines, consisting of the computer system, power supply system, and interface system. The function is to realize the operator’s instruction, automatically guide the measurement, calculate the data and display it together with OEM data, and at the same time, guide the operator to do adjustments on the vehicle. Finally, print out the report.


Since the 3D wheel aligner needs to compare the tested data with OEM data and provide guidance for the adjustment, the database is very important to provide reference data. X-861 Series 3D wheel aligner database covers wheel alignment data of over 20,000 models of vehicles worldwide. At the same time, it provides the function for the operator to input and saves wheel alignment parameters of a new car model.

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