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With the rapid development of the electric vehicle market, it is essential for the auto maintenance industry to continuously improve levels of electric vehicle maintenance to ensure the sustainable growth of the market. To improve the level of electric vehicle maintenance, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the current state of electric vehicle maintenance technology, including the operating principles of electric vehicles such as their power control and driving force mechanical systems.

First of all, on the basis of traditional modification technology, design methods of electric vehicle maintenance are integrated, and new maintenance equipment is launched. Secondly, in the maintenance of electric vehicles, diagnostic instruments composed of electronic components are introduced for faults, and then the maintenance work is carried out. Finally, combined with the inspection and maintenance of electric vehicles, adopt suitable new detection technology to upgrade the maintenance technology.

SmartSafe has launched a range of products aimed at solving faults in electric vehicles. The product lines include equipment such as iSmartEV electric vehicle detection, iSmartEV electric vehicle maintenance, quick vehicle of inspection and vehicle battery pack maintenance, etc.


Electric Vehicle Service: Comprehensive Solutions

SmartSafe focuses on electric vehicle services, including research and development, production, sales, and after-sales of electric vehicle equipment. Committed to providing comprehensive solutions for the stable and safe working conditions of electric vehicles. In response to the current situation of the electric vehicle aftermarket, SmartSafe is creating a one-stop solution for electric vehicle maintenance.

Three important detection on new energy vehicles

  • Automobile Electronic Control System Detection
  • Power Battery Detection
  • Air Conditioner Compressor Offline Drive Detection

Automobile Electronic Control System Detection

After the car failure warning light is on, it means that the vehicle's electronic control system has failed, and it reminds the driver that the vehicle needs to be inspected and repaired. The fault of the vehicle's electronic control system needs to be read out by the computer diagnostic instrument for vehicle faults. After analyzing and confirming the fault location according to the read results, the fault information needs to be cleared by the computer diagnostic instrument for automobile faults.

Power Battery Detection

Different from the diagnosis and maintenance of traditional gasoline vehicles, the maintenance of new energy vehicles often requires professional testing tools. At present, many users suffer from the lack of professional testing tools. The core components of new energy vehicles, such as the battery pack is faulty. Faced with such problems, they often have to return the battery pack to the factory for repair, which greatly increases the maintenance cost. For example,the iSmartEV P01 is professional testing equipment for new energy vehicles. We can use iSmartEV P01 to test the vehicle's electronic control system when the vehicle breaks down.

Air Conditioner Compressor Offline Drive Detection

The compressor is known as the heart of our air-conditioning system. Since a pure electric vehicle has no engine, the car uses an electric compressor. Relying on electricity to drive the electric compressor can reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning system and improve the economy through precise control. Therefore, it is also difficult to detect when the compressor fails. The offline compressor driver is a good helper to help maintenance personnel quickly solve the fault.
When the electric compressor has left the car and it is impossible to judge whether the electric compressor is good or bad. Use the offline compressor drive diagnostic software of iSmartEV P01 new energy detector to detect whether the electric compressor is good or bad. Quickly detect problems without the need for cumbersome loading and testing steps.

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