SmartSafe ADAS Calibration Equipment

ADAS Calibration Equipment, the classic flagship product of SmartSafe, is exclusively intended for use on vehicles. It enables you to effectively and accurately calibrate various types of camera and radar driving assistance systems.

Why Use ADAS Calibration Tools: Repair or replace sensor control unit (replace ACC radar, front camera sensor). Sensor deflection angle is out of normal range (incorrect mounting position angle).Move the position of the sensor on the Car body (the sensor position changes). Repair or replace the parts that hold the front sensor (replace bumper, front windshield). Adjust the chassis.

Car ADAS Solutions from SmartSafe

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These are technologies designed to help drivers in operating their vehicles safely and efficiently. With ADAS solutions from SmartSafe ADAS tools, your shop can establish its own calibration center, giving you the advantage of performing calibrations in-house. Ensure ADAS systems in your customer vehicles perform as expected and provide significant financial benefits.

We provide the necessary ADAS equipment and assist our customers in setting up facilities, training staff, implementing quality control measures and providing ongoing support.

Why Choose SmartSafe ADAS Calibration Tool

  • Building Customer Trust
  • Product Quality
  • Convenience
  • Compatibility
  • Safety and Reliability
  • RCW: Rear Collison Warning

Building Customer Trust

Providing professional and reliable ADAS calibration services helps dealerships establish a good reputation and increase customer trust and loyalty. Customers are more likely to choose dealerships that offer comprehensive services and support, thereby increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Product Quality

SmartSafe is a renowned brand known for its high quality and reliability. Choosing their ADAS calibration tools means you're investing in a recognized brand that provides reliable products and services.


By choosing SmartSafe ADAS calibration tools, you can complete the calibration process faster due to their simple operation steps. This makes the calibration process more convenient, saving you time and effort.


SmartSafe ADAS calibration tools typically have wide compatibility, suitable for various vehicle makes and models.

Safety and Reliability

SmartSafe ADAS calibration tools ensure precise calibration of the vehicle's advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

RCW: Rear Collison Warning

Rear Collison Warning system refers to the real-time monitoring of the target behind the vehicle through the radar during the driving process. When the system detects that there are other moving targets that are approaching rapidly behind and there is a risk of collision. The system will send out an alarm message and turn on the double flash to remind the vehicles behind to slow down or maintain a safe distance.

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