SmartSafe Injector Cleaner Machine

The injector cleaning machine can quickly remove the colloid and carbon deposits on the injector, intake valve, piston ring, combustion chamber and other parts, restore engine horsepower and save gasoline consumption. It can improve the performance of gasoline, reduce fuel consumption, eliminate faults such as weak climbing and sluggish acceleration, and improve acceleration performance and restore power.


  • Why Use Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine
  • Why Use AC Recovery and Recharge Machine
  • Why Use Injector Cleaner Machine

Why Use Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine

After the automatic transmission is used for a long time, the internal transmission oil will deteriorate. If the automatic transmission oil cannot be replaced in time, it will cause abnormal operation of the transmission. In the past, the Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine generally could not control the filling volume of the transmission oil according to demand, and sometimes the transmission oil was damaged due to insufficient filling. CAT-501S and CAT-601S Transmission Fluid Exchange Machines can complete the cleaning and oil changing of the gearbox, hydraulic torque converter and gearbox radiator within 20 minutes, and the oil change rate can be close to 100%.

Why Use AC Recovery and Recharge Machine

1. Dust and dirt accumulate on the surface of the air inlet, air duct, fan, and evaporator, causing mold to grow in the air conditioning duct.
2. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner drops, and there is an obvious smell.
3. If a person stays in a compartment full of mold and peculiar smell for a long time, the body will be damaged or cause disease.
4. After cleaning, not only the airflow in the air conditioner is smooth, but the cooling effect is obviously enhanced.
5. Good for health, not only greatly reduces the incidence of "air conditioning syndrome", but also purifies the air in the car and removes the peculiar smell produced by the air conditioner.
6. A clean working environment will prolong the service life of the air conditioner.
7. Reduce power consumption. Improve the cooling and heating effect of the air conditioner, reduce power consumption and fuel consumption.

Why Use Injector Cleaner Machine

When we turned off the engine suddenly, the gasoline which have been spray out can not be recycled. It would attached on the injector and combustion chamber walls. Gasoline is easy to volatile, but wax and varnish were stayed. Heat these wax and varnish day after day, they will be changed into hard coke. The hard coke will be produced quicker and thicker when the engine works with poor quality fuel. The machine work on petrol injector, not for diesel injector.

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