• Warranty period

    A. ADAS series: 1 year from factory shipment.

    B. Maintenance series: 1 year from the time of shipment from the factory.

    C. Tire Detection series: 1 year from the time of shipment from the factory.

    D. Auto Scanner series: 1 year from the time of shipment from the factory.

    E. New energy series: 1 year from the time of shipment from the factory.

    The following materials have no warranty period unless the problem is discovered in time upon arrival.

    The list of materials is as follows:

    1. Target corner guards, cushions to prevent impact wear, springs, and decorative plastic covers.

    2. Connecting wires, connecting wires, transfer wires that need to be welded, fuses, and hardware such as bolts, screws, washers, etc.

    3. Cleaning agents, additives, oil and other consumables, plastic pipes, sealing gaskets, and switches.

  • Communication channels

    After-sales service email: service@newsmartsafe.com
    Technical support email: support@newsmartsafe.com

  • How do I submit a claim: claim principle

    SmartSafe only provides warranty claims for equipment failure due to original factory quality issues, and only to the original buyer. All of SmartSafe's warranty policies do not apply to (but are not limited to) the following:

    1) Warranty claims not submitted by email.

    2) Equipment or design changes that have not been approved by SmartSafe, or replacement of parts that have not been approved.

    3) Use the device in an improper environment, such as refrigeration, high temperature, dust, and humidity, etc.

    4) Equipment damage caused by improper storage, use or accident.

    5) The equipment is not properly maintained.

    6) Failure to comply with the operation manual (user manual).

    7) Surface scratches or other damages caused by transportation are not included in the warranty agreement, and the agent needs to submit evidence as soon as possible after unloading to be handled by the carrier

  • Whole machine warranty policy

    1) The whole machine warranty is only for parts. For details, please see the warranty parts and warranty period under the different products below.

    2) The price of product warranty parts is calculated based on the ex-factory price of SmartSafe.

    Warranty start time: The warranty period starts from the time of shipment from the factory.

  • Warranty arising from shipment

    If the goods are damaged during transportation, please do not return it to us, but keep enough photos as evidence, notify and file a claim with the carrier as soon as possible, and reserve the right of the insurance company to make a claim. Failure to comply with the above operating procedures will result in the carrier Deny any claims to the agent.

  • Parts returned within the
    warranty period

    1) Please do not return defective parts to SmartSafe unless requested by SmartSafe.

    2) As a prerequisite for replacement, some defective parts must be returned to SmartSafe, depending on the requirements of SmartSafe.

    3) Problem parts that are requested to be returned are recommended to be returned to SmartSafe within 30 days from the date of submission of the application.

    4) If the defective part is finally confirmed to be damaged due to improper operation, you will not be able to get a replacement for free.

  • Improvements and changes

    SmartSafe is always striving to continuously improve the product, and design changes and improvements will continue to occur when the efficiency of the product can be improved, but SmartSafe has no obligation to add these improvements to the product already shipped or serviced.

    The above warranty policy is limited to SmartSafe authorized dealers.

  • Good faith claims policy

    SmartSafe attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. For some cases that can have a significant social impact, help sales, or appease customers, even if the warranty period is exceeded, as long as you provide reasonable reasons and apply by mail, you can apply for it after the application is approved. This application is subject to special treatment for claims.

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