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  • 01.

    What is the validity period of software usage after ADAS activation?

    365 days
  • 02.

    Will the ADAS software be unable to calibrate after the expiration date?

    No, the original calibration software can be used normally. If there is the latest model update and software optimization, it cannot be updated and upgraded.
  • 03.

    ADAS Mboile and ADAS PRO PLUS use the same type of target, except for the difference on the main frame, what are the differences?

    The two devices use a common target design. Due to structural differences, except for the different mounting plates of the radar reflector, the others are the same.
  • 04.

    Can ADAS calibration equipment be used with competing computers or original factory inspections?

    Yes, but you need to know the calibration parameters. The equipment of different manufacturers is designed according to their own equipment, and the parameters are also different.
  • 05.

    How do I know the ADAS calibration is successful?

    After performing the calibration function according to the software prompt steps, the software will prompt whether it is successful or not, and automatically generate a report. Normally, after the technician completes the calibration, the fault codes existing in the vehicle will also be eliminated.
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