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    What should I do if my vehicle is not in a horizontal position during calibration?

    The ADAS equipment and the vehicle must be on the same horizontal plane, and the deviation shall not be greater than ±5°. If the ground of the calibration environment is uneven, the level can be adjusted through the level adjustment knob, which can compensate for the uneven ground to a certain extent.
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    Under what circumstances is ADAS calibration required?

    Under normal circumstances, after the accident is repaired, the relevant auxiliary systems need to be calibrated. When removing or reinstalling monitoring components, such as cameras, radars, sensors, replacing vehicle ECU. Or when the height of the vehicle changes, the auxiliary system and other systems need to be calibrated. 

    For example: ACC calibration needs to be carried out under the following circumstances:

    1. Repair or replace the adaptive cruise control (ACC) radar sensor control unit

    2. The deviation angle of the ACC radar sensor is beyond the normal range

    3. Adjust the position of the ACC radar sensor on the body

    4. Repair or replace the bumper or the parts that fix the front radar

    5. Adjust the chassis

  • 13.

    What types of ADAS calibration are there?

    According to different vehicle types, calibration is divided into static calibration and dynamic calibration, or both are required.

    1. Static calibration: Static calibration is generally completed in the workshop environment. It needs to use the calibration main frame and the target corresponding to the vehicle, and complete the calibration through the diagnostic software prompt.

    2. Dynamic calibration: Dynamic calibration requires the vehicle to drive at a certain speed for a period of time under good road conditions, and to calibrate by identifying road signs or vehicles.

  • 14.

    Is it necessary to assemble the X-431 ADAS Mobile device before using it?

    No, X-431 ADAS Mobile adopts an integrated folding design. After you receive the device, take it out of the package, unfold the device and use it immediately without any assembly operation.
  • 15.

    Is assembly required before using the X-431 ADAS PRO PLUS device?

    Yes, X-431 ADAS PRO PLUS can be used with simple assembly. The components that need to be installed: beam, target bracket, and wheel clamp target.
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