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    Is it necessary to assemble the X-431 ADAS HD device before using it?

    Unnecessary, the device is folded and stored and can be used when unfolded.
  • 17.

    How to activate ADAS function?

    After obtaining the ADAS activation card, click the ADAS module on the main interface of the diagnostic device. When it is detected that the serial number of your current device is not activated, the activation interface will be displayed. After entering your activation code, click Activate to start using ADAS-related functions.
  • 18.

    How to know what target is used in the current model?

    1. During your calibration process, the software will prompt the relevant calibration parameters in detail, including target No., distance, height, etc., and you will know which target to use and how to operate it according to the software prompt. 

    2. We provide query support for ADAS measurable models. By selecting the calibration vehicle information (brand, model, year) to retrieve, you can clearly know what system can be calibrated for this model and the target used for calibrating the system.

  • 19.

    What should be paid attention to before vehicle calibration?

    Before performing the calibration procedure with the calibration tool, please ensure the following conditions: 

    1. The sensor part of the vehicle must not be damaged. 

    2. The bracket that fixes the sensor cannot be deformed. 

    3. Check the tire air pressure and correct it to the recommended value if necessary. 

    4. Tighten the parking brake and close the door. 

    5. Connect the VCI to the vehicle to ensure that there are no fault codes in other systems of the vehicle except ADAS-related systems. 

    6. Please use the correct target and its distance parameters according to the equipment steps. 

    7. Never support the vehicle during the adjustment process.

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