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    How do I know the ADAS calibration is successful?

    After performing the calibration function according to the software prompt steps, the software will prompt whether it is successful or not, and automatically generate a report. Normally, after the technician completes the calibration, the fault codes existing in the vehicle will also be eliminated.
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    If I want to add individual targets or tools later, can I purchase them?

    Yes. Existing targets, accessories, spare parts, and subsequent new targets can all be purchased separately. For specific sales policies, please consult your local dealer.
  • 08.

    What are the advantages of ADAS calibration targets in a poster format versus a TV display?

    We adopt the small target design made of aluminum-plastic plate (some large-size targets), which is convenient for customers to carry and store, meets the needs of outdoor calibration, is durable, and has low requirements for the calibration environment. Targets can be purchased independently according to customer needs, reducing customer costs. The TV display screen is expensive, and the target needs to be purchased additionally. It can only be used for indoor calibration. There are certain requirements for resolution.
  • 09.

    What are the workshop environment requirements for the calibration procedure?

    1. The surface of the work area is flat, and there is enough space around the vehicle to complete the calibration procedure. (The recommended range of the working area is 5 meters x 9 meters)

     2. There are no large obstacles in the work area. 

    3. There is no external light source to cast uneven shadows on the target surface. 

    4. There is no strong light source projected to the front camera area. 

    5. There is no strong wind to cause the target to shake.

  • 10.

    What are the requirements for calibrating the ground?

    1. Park the vehicle on a flat road with the front wheels pointing straight. 

    2. And make sure there is space around the vehicle (generally, there must be no objects within 3 meters or 10 feet in front of the vehicle).

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