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FCA US Secure Gateway
Access Granted - SmartSafe Scan Diagnostics

FCA US Security Gateway

In 2018 FCA US implemented the Secure Gateway Module(SGW). The goal of this on board security feature was to secure the numerous on board control modules behind a “firewall ”to prevent against security breaches and external issues. Only FCA USapproved Diagnostic Scan Tools that have been validated by FCA and adhere to their compliance protocols are authorized to access the Secure Gateway Module. 

No Restrictions :

SmartSafe Scan Diagnostics

SmartSafe USA has worked with FCA US to allow independent technicians the ability to use their SmartSafe Diagnostic Scan Tools to perform diagnostic procedures on FCA vehicles. such as:


1) Clearing DTCs

2) Performing all bi-directional functions:​​​​

  • Calibrations

  • Relearns

  • Actuations

  • Adjustments


Whether you are from the United States, Canada or Mexico, we 've got you covered. All of our  professional line - SmartSafe Scan Tools are have the ability to access to the Secure Gateway Module and performing these high level diagnostics

FCA US Security Gateway Module Authorized Scan Tool Models