We have summarized some common problems, hope to help you. If you still have questions, please contact us!
  • 01.

    When turning the steering wheel, camera/target block prompt appeared when target light path blocked. How to handle it?

    If the block prompt appeared when within an area of 10º, please stop turning the steering wheel, remove the obstacles, then continue to turn the steering wheel.
  • 02.

    After wheel alignment, the minimum turning radius of the wheel to the left and right is significantly different, why?

    This is caused by the misalignment of the steering wheel and the steering column. The measurement of This equipment is based on the condition of "steering wheel centered". Before the measurement, ask the client for steering wheel related maintenance and service history, remove the misalignment, and make The steering wheel centered by experience.
  • 03.

    Some targets have no image in the target monitoring interface. Why?

    Check whether the light path between the corresponding camera and the corresponding target is blocked, whether the camera's lighting is illuminated, and its cable is properly connected. As the 2 sets of Cameras have the same hardware,in exchange for troubleshooting the defective parts. Do remember to restore the system after exchange.
  • 04.

    Computer boot failure, no tips?

    1. Check the power supply of the computer. 

    2. Check whether the power button is pressed on both the computer host and monitor, whether the indication LED is flashing. 

    3. Check the brightness and contrast of the monitor.

  • 05.

    Failure to enter WINDOWS 7 desktop.

    1. The computer boot file missing. 

    2. BIOS error. 

    3. Hardware failure.

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