Audi Q8 2019 Surround View Camera Calibration

Jun 01,2023
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Functional description:

The surround view camera needs to be calibrated when:

1) One or several cameras have been replaced.

2) The driver assistance system controller -J1121- has been replaced.

3) Repair work has been carried out on a component that houses the camera or that would interfere with the camera's mounting position.

4) Car chassis adjustment has been carried out.

5) There is a misalignment in the overlapping area of each camera image.

6) A static height change of more than 10mm is made on one axle or the entire vehicle.

Measured model:

2019 Audi Q8, VIN is: WAURGCF12KD046****


1) The car is not loaded.

2) Provide a large enough parking area (there are no objects around the calibration board to avoid straight-line recognition errors).

3) Prevent strong poor lighting (no headlights or direct lighting).

4) Park the car on firm-level ground.

5) Put the front wheel in the straight-forward position.

6) Raise to standard level and lock.

7) The electromechanical parking brake has been operated.

8) All doors and rear hatch are closed.

9) Clean the camera lens with a damp cloth.

10) Check the camera image on the display unit -J685- of the front information display and operating unit controller. If the image is affected due to a damaged camera, replace the camera. If the image is tilted, check the fixation of the corresponding camera.

11) Camera active, displayed on the display unit -J685- of the front information display and operating unit controller.

12) During the calibration process, people are not allowed to walk between the car and the calibration tool.

Operation steps:

1. Automatic identification of model Q8 2019 through ADAS calibration entrance VIN.


2. After selecting the [ADAS calibration function], click [360°Camera Calibration].


3. Select [A5 Front Sensor For Drivers Assistant Systems] (Note: Some surround view systems are under 6C Rear View Camera System)


4. Select [00A5-Peripheral Camera Calibration].


5. Carefully read the prompts before calibration.


6. Place the target according to the prompts.


7. The reference of the target placement in the physical picture is as follows (Note: The arrow on the target points to the driving direction of the car, and the cross line is aligned with the front axle of the car).




8. During the calibration process, the central control screen displays the pattern, a green line is displayed on the central control screen, indicating that the calibration is successful, and a red line indicates that the calibration has failed.



9. After running the software, the calibration is successfully completed.


10. Print the calibration report information.



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