SmartSafe's 1st Global Annual Conference | New Product EP401 Preview

Dec 01,2023
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SmartSafe's first global annual conference will be held grandly on December 4, 2023. SmartSafe will release eight new products at one time to demonstrate its strong innovation and independent research and development capabilities to global customers.

SmartSafe's main product lines are automotive calibration and maintenance equipment and electric vehicle maintenance equipment. The products cover six categories: Wheel Equipment (four-wheel alignment, tire tread detection), cleaning and maintenance equipment, anti-theft and detection equipment, ADAS calibration equipment, electric vehicle detection equipment and electric vehicle maintenance equipment.

Today, let’s learn about the new product: EP401 EV Battery Charge & Discharge Equipment.

EP401 is a charging and discharging maintenance equipment designed based on the characteristics of electric vehicle batteries. It can efficiently complete the charging, discharging and balancing of battery pack modules and improve battery pack maintenance efficiency.

EP401 adopts a wide voltage design and is suitable for charge and discharge testing of battery modules of different voltage levels. It supports charge and discharge maintenance of various lithium batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries. The charge and discharge voltage can support up to 420V.

Integrated charging and discharging, safe and efficient

EP401 is designed with a wide voltage range and is suitable for discharging, charging and activation testing of modules of different voltage levels. Using high-efficiency aviation original materials, advanced control technology, and multiple discharge modes to ensure efficient discharge. High-efficiency charging mode ensures the battery pack is fully charged and greatly improves charging efficiency.

Support SOH battery health assessment and SOC battery capacity assessment

EP401 supports real-time acquisition of pack terminal voltage and individual cell voltage and uses unique software algorithms to complete battery module SOH battery health assessment and SOC battery capacity assessment.

Freely set charging and discharging rules

EP401 can freely set charging and discharging rules and activation times, effectively increasing battery capacity. Parameters such as working mode, battery type, voltage threshold, working current, and number of cells can be preset.

Data visualization display, can be saved and exported

EP401 supports real-time acquisition of data such as pack terminal voltage, the voltage of each single cell, pack terminal current, charging and discharging status, charging and discharging capacity, etc. The collected data is displayed on the screen in the form of bar graphs, reports, and curves. Supports exporting historical data to U disk as Excel file.

Multiple security protections

EP401 has multiple security protection functions to ensure hardware security.

  • The use of advanced charge and discharge testing technology can avoid interference to the BMS system.
  • Single-cell protection: The cell current and voltage protection thresholds can be set to prevent overcharge and over-discharge.
  • Charge and discharge protection of pack terminal: Supports overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit, reverse connection protection and overtemperature protection.


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