SmartSafe's 1st Global Annual Conference | New Product ET500 Preview

Nov 30,2023
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SmartSafe's first global annual conference will be held grandly on December 4, 2023. SmartSafe will release eight new products at one time to demonstrate its strong innovation and independent research and development capabilities to global customers.

SmartSafe's main product lines are automotive calibration and maintenance equipment and electric vehicle maintenance equipment. The products cover six categories: Wheel Equipment (four-wheel alignment, tire tread detection), cleaning and maintenance equipment, anti-theft and detection equipment, ADAS calibration equipment, electric vehicle detection equipment and electric vehicle maintenance equipment.

Today, let’s learn about the new product: ET500 EV Battery Airtightness Detector.

ET500 EV Battery Airtightness Detector-01

ET500 is a high and low voltage compatible air tightness testing equipment that supports the sealing test of electric vehicle battery pack boxes and liquid cooling systems.

High and low voltage compatible

ET500 supports the sealing test of electric vehicle battery pack boxes and liquid cooling systems, sharing high and low pressures, and supports up to high-pressure 500kPa pressure testing.

High-precision non-destructive testing

ET500 uses compressed air as the medium and uses a high-sensitivity pressure sensor to achieve non-destructive testing with high testing accuracy.

Stable pressure and high sensitivity

ET500 can automatically detect the pressure inside the battery pack and inflate it in stages. When the pressure is reached, it will automatically enter the next stage to ensure more accurate detection results.

Customizable parameters

For different workpieces to be tested, ET500 can preset parameters such as workpiece number, volume, pressure, time of each stage, leakage limit, etc.

Process visualization

The detection process of ET500 is visually displayed on the fuselage screen, which can monitor the working status of inflation, pressure stabilization, leakage, exhaust and other stages in real-time. The process pressure curve is displayed, and the test process is clear.

Safe and reliable

ET500 is equipped with high-voltage automatic protection and abnormal alarm functions, making it safer and more reliable.

Historical data is automatically saved

Automatically save detection history records and support curve charts to display detailed data.


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