SmartSafe's 1st Global Annual Conference | New Product WEB1224 Preview

Nov 29,2023
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SmartSafe's first global annual conference will be held grandly on December 4, 2023. SmartSafe will release eight new products at one time to demonstrate its strong innovation and independent research and development capabilities to global customers.

SmartSafe's main product lines are automotive calibration and maintenance equipment and electric vehicle maintenance equipment. The products cover six categories: Wheel Equipment (four-wheel alignment, tire tread detection), cleaning and maintenance equipment, anti-theft and detection equipment, ADAS calibration equipment, electric vehicle detection equipment and electric vehicle maintenance equipment.

Today, let’s learn about the new product: WEB1224 Modularized Wireless Equalizer.

WEB1224 is a split-type balancing maintenance equipment designed based on the characteristics of lithium battery charging and discharging points. It can effectively repair the problem of battery performance degradation caused by excessive cell pressure differences in battery pack modules.

40A charging current, 10A discharging current, fast balancing efficiency

WEB1224 supports all common lithium batteries in the market. The capability of 40A charge current and 10A discharge current makes balancing efficiency higher. Supports SOH battery health assessment and SOC battery capacity assessment.

Wireless networking communication, conveniently expand the number of equalization channels

WEB1224 each set contains 3 discharge units, supports 12 channels of equalization, and supports a maximum of 24 channels (additional purchase required). This split design of the charge and discharge unit can discharge and balance multiple different modules at the same time, making the application more flexible.

Freely set charging and discharging rules

WEB1224 can freely set charging and discharging rules and activation times to effectively increase battery capacity. The working mode, battery type, voltage threshold, working current, number of cells and other items can all be preset.

Data visualization display can be saved and exported

WEB1224 monitors charging and discharging data in real time. Data such as individual cell voltage, pack terminal voltage, pack terminal current, charging and discharging status, charging and discharging capacity, etc. are displayed in charts and support USB flash drive export.

Balance the entire data process and dynamically reproduce it

WEB1224's working data supports the entire process of saving, and the data at any stage can be dynamically reproduced on the timeline to analyze battery problems more accurately.

Own patented clamp design makes wiring more convenient and reliable

WEB1224 uses its own patented clamp design, and each battery cell is wired separately and independently. Compared with the traditional complex wiring method, WEB1224's efficiency and safety are significantly improved.

Multiple security protections

WEB1224 supports safety protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit, reverse connection, and overtemperature to ensure hardware safety.


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