Honda 2018 ACCORD ADAS Calibration Operation Tutorial

Apr 27,2023
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Function Description:

Measured models:

Honda ACCORD, 2018, VIN: 1HGCV2F35J*******

Execution premise:

(1) When the current vehicle has a radar-related fault

For these failures, troubleshoot and repair. Such as: P2583-54 millimeter wave radar alignment not completed;


(2) Vehicle parts have the following maintenance or replacement

① Removing and replacing the millimeter wave radar unit.

② Replacing the front bumper or painting.

③ Replacing and detaching door mirrors.

④ Replace and detach left and right cameras.

⑤ Updated wheel damping electronics or one of the vehicle height sensors of the height control system.


① When replacing the disassembled millimeter-wave radar module, there may be a possibility of calibration failure.

② After replacing or painting the front bumper, make sure the radar is not painted and make sure the replaced front bumper matches. If the middle grid with low configuration is used as the middle grid with high configuration, the millimeter wave radar calibration will not be successful.

Operation guide:

1. Scan the VIN, automatically match and select the model.


2. Enter the HONDA software, select the region "USA".


3. Enter the "ADAS Calibration" module.


4. Select the "ADAS Calibration Function'' sub-module to display the function interface.


5. Select the "Radar Calibration",  and display the sub-function "Radar Aiming".


6. Select "Radar Aiming' to display the pre-calibration preparation information.



7. Click "Next Step", keep the front of the vehicle clear, and do not place targets yet.


8. Click "OK" to check for obstacles and targets. If there are no obstacles and the alignment target, prompt to place the target. Click "Set Up" to check the placement steps of the target device, and click "Calibration" to execute the calibration function.


9.  Click "Set Up" to check the placement steps of the target device: determine point A and point B, and determine the centerline of the vehicle.



10. Determine the distance of the target, the distance from the front hub of the wheel is L = 4000mm.


11. According to the position of the radar module, place the target position, and you can choose a different position according to the prompt. The radar module of this car is under the H logo, select "Middle".


12. Place the LAC05-03 target on the centerline, aligned with the center of the radar.


13. Click "OK" to execute "Calibration". The current radar deviation angle is displayed. Adjust the adjustment screw of the radar through the tool. Adjust vertical and horizontal angles separately. When the initial angle is too large, there may be errors in the installation of the radar. You can observe whether the installation position has shifted and reinstall it.


14. Click "Help" to view the angle range. When adjusted to the specified range, it will automatically calibrate.


15. Complete radar calibration. turn off the ignition, turn the ignition on again and check the ADAS report.



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