ADAS Scan Tool: Improve Fault Detection Efficiency

Mar 07,2023
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What is a car diagnostic instrument?

A car diagnostic tool is a device used to identify and diagnose problems with the systems onboard a vehicle. Once connected, the instrument communicates with the vehicle's onboard computer to read diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and other relevant data such as engine performance, sensor readings and system status. This information can help repairers and technicians determine the root cause of vehicle failures and make informed decisions about necessary repairs or maintenance.

Some common automotive diagnostic instruments include barcode readers, key immobilizers, scan tools, and multimeters. These tools vary in functionality and complexity. Both professional repairers and amateur car enthusiasts can use these tools to diagnose and fix car problems. With the widespread use of ADAS systems, the functions of automotive diagnostic instruments have also been improved to meet the needs of the market. Now, most of the car diagnostic instruments on the market have added ADAS diagnostic functions. In this article, we will focus on ADAS scanners!

The role of scanning tools in ADAS systems

ADAS systems use various sensors, cameras and other components to help drivers complete tasks such as lane departure warnings, blind spot monitors, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. When there is a problem with the ADAS system, the ADAS scanner can help maintenance personnel find the problem and correct it.

Diagnostic scan tools for ADAS systems can provide a range of functions such as reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), calibrating sensors and cameras, and performing system checks and tests. These tools may also include features such as software updates, real-time data streaming and wireless connectivity, allowing technicians to more efficiently and accurately diagnose and repair ADAS systems.

This helps these advanced safety features work as intended and keep drivers and passengers safe on the road.

Features of ADAS scan tool

ADAS scan tool is used to diagnose and analyze the faults and functions of various components in the vehicle ADAS system. Some common features found in ADAS scanning tools include:

①Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Reading: Allows the ADAS scan tool to read any error codes generated by the vehicle's ADAS system and diagnose potential problems.

②System Identification: This function identifies the ADAS systems present in the vehicle and checks that they are operating within the expected parameters.

③Calibration: ADAS systems require periodic calibration to ensure their accuracy and precision. The scan tool can help calibrate various ADAS systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and more.

④Component Testing: Allows technicians to test various components of the ADAS system, such as cameras, sensors, and radar.

⑤Live Data Streaming: Provides real-time data from the vehicle's ADAS system to help diagnose intermittent issues.

⑥Service Information: Some ADAS scan tools provide service information such as wiring diagrams, component locations and service procedures.

⑦Flash Programming: Flash programming allows a technician to update the software in a vehicle's ADAS system.

⑧Data management: ADAS scan tool can store data related to the vehicle's ADAS system for future reference.

⑨Report generation: The scan tool can generate a report detailing the diagnostic and calibration results of the ADAS system.

Advantages of ADAS scan tool

With the continuous improvement of technology, the professionalism and technicality of ADAS scanners have been comprehensively improved, so what are the advantages of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) scanning tools?

The following are the advantages of the ADAS scan tool:

① Improved safety: ADAS scanners help to identify and fix faults in various ADAS components of a vehicle, which helps prevent accidents and improve overall road safety.

② Accurate Diagnosis: Compared with traditional methods, ADAS scanning tools can diagnose faults in vehicle ADAS more accurately, reducing the chance of misdiagnosis and unnecessary repairs.

③ Cost-effective: ADAS scanners are widely used and cost-effective. They enable technicians to identify and repair faults more accurately and efficiently, and also reduce the possibility of unnecessary repairs, effectively improving efficiency.

④ Keep up with industry standards: As ADAS technology becomes more prevalent in modern vehicles, ADAS scanning tools become a must to keep up with industry standards and provide high-quality repair services.

Limitations of ADAS scan tool

Although ADAS scan tools are very useful, they also have some limitations in the face of powerful and complex ADAS systems.

The following are some limitations of ADAS scanning tools:

① Limited car model compatibility and coverage: ADAS scanning tools may not be compatible with all brands and models of cars in the world. Functional coverage is limited because they may not identify all issues with a vehicle's ADAS components. This means a technician may need to use multiple tools to diagnose any ADAS issues.

② Incomplete data: ADAS scan tool relies on data collected from vehicle sensors, which may not always be complete or accurate. For example, if a sensor is damaged or malfunctioning, the data collected may not be sufficient to diagnose the problem.

③ Complexity: ADAS systems are very complex, and diagnosing problems with these systems requires a high level of expertise and extensive experience.

④ ADAS scan tools are extremely useful for diagnosing and fixing problems with the complex electronic systems of modern vehicles. However, it is important to know about their limitations and use them in conjunction with other diagnostic tools and techniques to ensure that all problems are properly identified and addressed.

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