How to Choose an 8-cylinder or 6-cylinder Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine?

Mar 13,2023
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The fuel injector itself is a normally closed valve(A normally closed valve means that the valve is always closed when there is no input control signal; while a normally open valve means that the valve is always open when there is no input control signal), and the opening and closing of the valve are controlled by a valve needle moving up and down. When the ECU issues a fuel injection command, its voltage signal will cause the current to flow through the coil in the fuel injector, generating a magnetic field to attract the valve needle, allowing the valve to open so that fuel can be sprayed out from the fuel injection hole.

The biggest advantage of injection fuel supply is that the control of fuel supply is very precise so that the engine can have the correct air-fuel ratio in any state, not only to keep the engine running smoothly but also the exhaust gas can meet environmental protection regulations.

In order for the injectors to work normally and efficiently, we need to clean the injectors regularly. This is what we will focus on next in this article.

What are fuel injector cleaning machines?

Fuel injector cleaning machines are machines used to clean the fuel injectors of the automobile's internal combustion engine.

The fuel injectors are responsible for transporting fuel into the engine cylinders, but over time, the injectors can become clogged with debris, dirt, and other contaminants. Due to the clogging of fuel injectors, it can lead to many other performance problems, including poor fuel economy, reduced power, and so on.

Why use a fuel injector cleaner machine?

Fuel injector cleaner machine is usually connected to the engine's fuel system. Under high pressure, use a specialized chemical solvent to clean the injectors and remove any buildup that may be clogging them.  This process not only helps restore the fuel injectors to their original condition, improving engine performance, fuel efficiency and emissions but also helps prevent more serious problems with the engine.  For example, if a fuel injector is completely clogged, it can cause the engine to misfire, which can damage other engine components and result in costly repairs. Today on the market, some fuel injector cleaning machines utilize ultrasonic technology to clean deposits, while others use pulsating pressure to clean.

Fuel injector cleaner machines can be used for preventative maintenance and to fix existing problems, and regular cleaning can help keep injectors functioning properly and prevent serious performance issues.

All in all, using fuel injector cleaner machines can extend the life of your vehicle's engine and save you money on costly repairs.

Frequency of injector cleaning

It is determined according to the condition of the vehicle and the quality of the fuel added at ordinary times. Generally speaking, it is recommended to clean it for about 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers.

If the vehicle and the fuel quality are in good condition, it can be extended to about 40,000 to 60,000 km. When the fuel injector is slightly blocked, it will also have a certain impact on the vehicle's condition.

When do you need a fuel injector cleaner machine?

When our car has the following conditions, it means that the car may need a fuel injector cleaning machine to clean the deposits on the engine:

① Decreased engine performance: If you notice that the auto's performance is not as good as before, it may be that the fuel injectors are clogged.

② Poor fuel efficiency.

③ Unsteady idling: If your car is idling roughly or stalling, it could be due to clogged fuel injectors.

④ Excessive emissions: If your car emits excessive amounts of pollutants, it may be caused by a clogged injector.

Advantages and disadvantages of 8-cylinder & 6-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machines?

With the improvement of technology, there are 8-cylinder and 6-cylinder injector cleaning machines on the market. If you don’t know how to choose, it may help you make a choice by comparing their advantages and disadvantages!

Advantages of 8-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine:

① Higher cleaning ability:  The 8-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine can clean 8 fuel injectors at the same time, and the cleaning efficiency is higher. It has become a faster and more efficient choice for large engines.

② More comprehensive cleaning:  The 8-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine can clean the fuel injector more comprehensively due to the large number of injectors.

③ Time-saving: Due to its large capacity, the 8-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine can clean the fuel injectors in a shorter time.

Disadvantages of 8-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine:

① Relatively high cost: Due to its higher capacity, an 8-cylinder injector cleaner may be more expensive than a 6-cylinder machine.

② Not suitable for small engines: If you have a small engine, an 8-cylinder injector cleaning machine may not be necessary or practical.

Advantages of 6-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine:

① Affordable: 6-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine is usually less expensive than an 8-cylinder machine and is a more affordable option.

② Suitable for small engines: 6-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine is a better choice for small engines and has wider uses.

Disadvantages of 6-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine:

① Low cleaning efficiency:  The 6-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine can only clean up to six injectors at a time, making it a slower and less efficient option for larger engines.

② Time-consuming: Since it has fewer injectors, it may take more time to clean thoroughly.

What is the best ultrasonic cleaning solution for fuel injectors?

There are many different ultrasonic cleaning solutions on the market designed specifically for cleaning fuel injectors. However, the best solution for your specific needs depends on a variety of factors, including the type of injectors you have, the level of contamination, and the specific cleaning equipment you plan to use.

In general, most ultrasonic cleaning solutions for fuel injectors are designed to dissolve and remove a wide range of contaminants, including dirt, grease, oil, and carbon buildup. They may also contain additives that can help to protect the fuel injectors from corrosion and other forms of damage.

When selecting an ultrasonic cleaning solution for your fuel injectors, it's important to choose a product that is compatible with the materials used in your injectors and other parts of your engine. You should also consider the concentration and strength of the cleaning solution, as well as any special instructions or precautions that may be required for safe and effective use.

In the end, the best way to determine the most effective injector ultrasonic cleaning solution is to consult a knowledgeable professional such as automotive technician. They can help you choose the right product and provide guidance on how to use it safely and effectively.

CNC-603A: Ultrasonic Injector Cleaner Machine

CNC-603A is a fuel injector cleaning tester launched by SmartSafe. It is a mechatronics product that combines ultrasonic cleaning technology with microprocessor oil pressure control cleaning and testing technology. It can also clean and test the fuel injectors of automobiles without dismantling and cleaning the fuel injectors and fuel supply systems of automobiles. It has four outstanding functions: ultrasonic powerful cleaning, working condition simulation test, microcomputer pressure regulation control, and automatic oil discharge control.

Ultrasonic powerful cleaning

CNC-603A adopts ultrasonic powerful cleaning technology, which has strong cleaning ability and can completely remove carbon deposits and filter screen deposits on the fuel injectors. It can perform ultrasonic cleaning on 6 fuel injectors at the same time and supports EFI and SFI interfaces without dismantling cleaning.

CNC-603A Ultrasonic powerful cleaning

Condition simulation test

CNC-603A can perform uniformity and atomization inspection, sealing test, fuel injection volume inspection, and automatic cleaning inspection on the fuel injector. And quickly identify the aperture change, clogging, dripping, etc. of the fuel injector through the simulation test of the working conditions. Comprehensively test the performance parameters of the fuel injector.

CNC-603A Condition simulation test

Microcomputer pressure regulation control

The microcomputer pressure regulation control technology adopted by CNC-603A has stable oil pressure and a wide adjustable range, which can adapt to automobiles equipped with various gasoline injection systems and can perform automatic cleaning and detection of fuel injectors. Microcomputer automatic control and digital display technology can automatically control the cleaning and testing process, and monitor the main state parameters in real time.

CNC-603A Microcomputer pressure regulation control

Automatic oil drain control

In addition, CNC-603A adopts automatic oil discharge control technology. The automatic oil discharge can be realized through the program during some test items, and the oil can also be manually drained through the control panel after the test is completed.

 CNC-603A Automatic oil drain control

SmartSafe Injector Cleaner Machine


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