Improving Efficiency and Reliability: ATF Oil Change Machine Benefits and Maintenance Guide

Nov 03,2023
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After long-term use of the automatic transmission, the internal transmission oil will deteriorate. Failure to promptly replace the automatic transmission oil can lead to irregular transmission performance. In the past, automatic transmission oil changing machines were generally unable to control the filling amount of transmission oil as required, and sometimes the transmission was damaged due to insufficient filling. ATF601 (CAT-601S) is an ATF changer machine launched by SmartSafe for changing transmission oil. After rigorous testing, the transmission, torque converter, and transmission radiator can be cleaned and oil changed within 20 minutes, and the oil change rate can be close to 100%.

It has the following functional features:
① LCD display, humanized operation, convenient and practical.
② Automatic transmission oil filling and recovery functions.
③ Automatically identify the oil inlet and outlet direction of the gearbox.
④ Automatic transmission cycle cleaning function.
⑤ Adding cleaning agent is quick and easy.
⑥ Automatic replacement of old and new oil in the gearbox.
⑦ Transmission oil pressure and equipment refueling oil pressure are intuitively displayed.
⑧ Accurate display of gearbox oil temperature.
⑨ Intelligent electronic control automatically replaces old and new oil in equal amounts.
⑩ After the replacement is completed, the filling amount of new oil will be printed.
⑪ Manually add or upgrade database functions.
⑫ A variety of special connectors, suitable for models from Europe, America, and Asia.
⑬ Effectively solves the problem of incomplete manual replacement of transmission oil.
⑭ Improve the working performance of the gearbox.
⑮ Extend the service life of the gearbox.

Advantages of oil change machine

ATF oil changing machines have many significant advantages over traditional manual oil changing methods. These advantages include:

① Improve work efficiency: ATF oil change machine adopts an automated oil change process, which greatly improves work efficiency and shortens oil change time, making the vehicle repair and maintenance process more efficient and faster.

② Reduce operating errors and liquid waste: The traditional manual oil change method has the risk of operating errors, but the ATF oil changer can accurately control the oil change amount, reducing the possibility of human operating errors, effectively avoiding liquid waste, and reducing maintenance cost.

③ Improve the quality of oil change: ATF oil change machine can accurately control the pressure and flow during the oil change process, ensuring the stability and consistency of oil change, improving the quality of oil change and overall maintenance standards.

④ Protect vehicle transmission: ATF oil changer can accurately control the speed and pressure of oil change, effectively protecting the vehicle's transmission and related components from the risk of damage caused by human misoperation, extending the service life of the transmission and improving the vehicle's overall performance and reliability.

The ATF oil changer has become one of the indispensable and important equipment in the modern automobile maintenance industry by improving work efficiency, reducing operating risks and fluid waste, improving oil change quality, and protecting vehicle transmissions.

Operation process

Regarding the specific operation processes of old oil sampling, adding fluid, adding new oil, cycle cleaning, automatic transmission oil replacement, adjusting automatic transmission oil level, emptying the new oil tank and emptying the old oil tank, you can click to view the following content:

ATF601 Auto Transmission Cleaner and Fluid Exchanger

Maintenance and care

In order to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment and extend its service life, regular maintenance and upkeep of the ATF oil change machine is required. The following are some suggestions on the maintenance and upkeep of the ATF oil change machine:

① Regular cleaning: Regularly clean the external and internal parts of the ATF oil change machine, especially the liquid pipes and filters, to ensure that the system is unobstructed and to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt from affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

② Lubrication: Regularly check and lubricate key components of the ATF oil change machine, such as pumps and valves, to ensure their smooth operation and reduce wear. Use a suitable lubricant and change it regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

③ Check key components: Regularly check key components of the ATF oil changer, including pipe connections, filters, seals and sensors, etc., to ensure that they are not worn or damaged and are working properly. If any problems are found, repair or replace parts in time to avoid possible malfunctions or oil leakage.

④ Carry out maintenance according to the manufacturer's guidelines: Carry out maintenance in strict accordance with the maintenance manual and guidelines provided by the manufacturer, including replacing filter elements, calibrating sensors and other recommended maintenance steps to ensure that the equipment remains in optimal condition and extends its service life.

⑤ When changing oil, pay attention to whether there is oil leakage at each connection. If there is any leakage, please stop the machine immediately for inspection, and reconnect the oil before changing the oil.

⑥ After each operation of the equipment, before storing the equipment, please drain the waste oil in the old oil tank in time, and store the new oil in the new oil tank in a container to protect the electronic scale from being unloaded when not in operation.

⑦ Keep new oil drums clean.

⑧ After replacing the main board and/or electronic scale, the electronic scale needs to be recalibrated.


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