Upgraded Again | P01 and P03 Have Added 30 New Functions and Support More Models!

Sep 28,2023
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P01 and P03 are two electric vehicle detection equipment currently widely used in the industry, representing SmartSafe's cutting-edge technology in the field of electric vehicle detection.

The two devices simultaneously integrate battery pack testing, vehicle system testing, more than 40 commonly used repair and maintenance functions, ADAS calibration and more than ten expansion modules.

They support many models, have powerful software functions and timely software maintenance, and are widely praised by users.

With the rapid development of the electric vehicle market, in order to meet more detection and maintenance application scenarios, SmartSafe released the latest system upgrade on September 27. The upgrade content includes:

1. Upgraded/added 8 new models such as Ji Krypton Automobile and BAIC Motor;

2. Upgrade/add 30 common maintenance functions.


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