SmartSafe's 1st Global Annual Conference | New Product AC519 Preview

Nov 22,2023
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SmartSafe's first global annual conference will be held grandly on December 4, 2023. SmartSafe will release eight new products at one time to demonstrate its strong innovation and independent research and development capabilities to global customers.

New product reveal

SmartSafe's main product lines are automotive calibration and maintenance equipment and electric vehicle maintenance equipment. The products cover six categories: Wheel Equipment (four-wheel alignment, tire tread detection), cleaning and maintenance equipment, anti-theft and detection equipment, ADAS calibration equipment, electric vehicle detection equipment and electric vehicle maintenance equipment.

Today we reveal a new product used in car maintenance: AC519 A/C Service Station.

AC519 integrates multiple functions such as disassembly-free cleaning, refrigerant recovery, filling and vacuuming. It is a fully automatic and intelligent automobile air conditioning maintenance equipment. It can effectively solve the problems of the poor cooling effect of automobile air conditioners, excessive compressor load, excessive noise and excessive fuel consumption.

AC519 has multiple functions such as forward cleaning, reverse cleaning and pulse cleaning, which can significantly improve the cleaning effect. In automatic mode, operations such as cleaning, recycling, vacuuming, filling of refrigeration oil, and refrigerant can be completed with just one click, and each function can also be executed independently.

AC519 patent: efficient and stable pipeline logic design

AC519 has a new patented pipeline logic design and scientifically integrated oil and gas separation modules, bringing more efficient and stable working conditions.


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