SmartSafe Makes a Mark at Automechanika Birmingham 2023

Jun 12,2023
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In 2023, SmartSafe is vigorously expanding its market globally. In the first half of the year alone, it made appearances at several major international exhibitions, including the International Automotive Aftermarket Expo (IAAE) in Tokyo, Japan, the AMR Tianjin China International Automotive Maintenance and Repair Exhibition, the Kazakhstan International Automotive Parts Expo, and the Hungary International Automotive Parts Exhibition.

In June, two heavyweight exhibitions of the auto repair industry in Europe and Africa started at the same time, kicking off SmartSafe's brand and market offensive in the second half of the year. Let's review the past Automechanika Birmingham 2023.

From June 6th to 8th, SmartSafe was unveiled at Automechanika Birmingham2023. The products on display included ADAS calibration equipment series, Wheel Alignment series, auto maintenance series and electric vehicle maintenance equipment series.

The UK is the fourth largest car producer in the world and one of the most important car consumer markets in the world and in Europe. Under the impact of the epidemic, the annual sales volume will still be 1.61 million in 2022, and the number of car ownership ranks among the top in the world.

In the new energy vehicle market, the United Kingdom has subsidized rechargeable vehicles since 2011, and at the same time encouraged car companies to gradually transform to electric vehicles. In 2022, the sales of electric vehicles in the UK will continue to grow. From January to November, the sales of electric vehicles are 317,900, and the penetration rate of electric vehicles is 21.4%, surpassing diesel vehicles for the first time. What is even more eye-catching is that the penetration rate of electric vehicles in the UK reached about 30% in December, with monthly sales of 42,000 vehicles. (Data source SMMT, Huachuang Securities)

SmartSafe's products meet market expectations

Changes in the automotive market have brought huge opportunities in the automotive aftermarket. Under the wave of intelligent and electrified vehicles, ADAS calibration equipment and electric vehicle inspection and maintenance equipment have attracted more attention.

At the Birmingham exhibition, the two ADAS products exhibited by SmartSafe were particularly eye-catching.

ADAS HD professional ADAS calibration equipment for commercial vehicles

ADAS HD is the first ADAS calibration device for commercial vehicles launched by SmartSafe. Support LDW (Lane Departure Warning), and ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) system calibration.

ADAS HD is genuinely "big but not rigid" as a large-scale vehicle auxiliary equipment. Its beam and main frame can be fully folded, half-folded, and fully unfolded to meet the needs of storage, movement, and work. different needs.

During the calibration process, ADAS HD supports horizontal, front-to-back, and left-right multi-directional fine-tuning, without the need for cumbersome mobile devices, and it can achieve parallel alignment in one minute.

ADAS radar three-in-one calibration tool for passenger car

The ADAS radar three-in-one calibration tool is designed for radar system calibration, and the applicable scenarios are more professional. On this device, users can easily mount the ACC radar reflector, conical radar target or doppler simulator on the three-in-one calibration bracket to complete the vehicle radar system calibration.

The device supports the calibration of the adaptive cruise control system, blind spot monitoring system, lane change assist system and front corner radar system.

Exhibition Site

The exhibited equipment also includes X-861 PRO 3D four-wheel aligner, iSmartLink D01 automobile intelligent detection tool, CNC 605 fuel injector cleaning tester, AC 500 refrigerant cleaning recovery filling machine and other star products.

The trip to the UK, while cooperating with many customers, will help the global promotion of the SmartSafe brand and bring more new opportunities for future business development.


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