What Tools Does An Electric Car Repair Shop Need?

Sep 20,2023
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The electric vehicle market is developing rapidly. According to the latest statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China's electric vehicles will continue to grow explosively in 2022, with sales reaching 6.887 million units.

In this way, opening an auto repair shop that specializes in repairing electric vehicles has become a promising business opportunity.

However, because electric vehicles use different technologies and components than traditional vehicles, repairing and maintaining these vehicles requires a series of specialized professional tools and equipment.

Detection instruments and professional disassembly and assembly tools

Detection computer

Intelligent detection equipment is used to quickly detect the safety of the vehicle system and battery pack data to determine the health status of the vehicle.

Oscilloscope, multimeter

Used to measure important parameters such as current, voltage and resistance to help quickly find problems with battery packs or other electronic components.

Insulation Resistance Tester

Used to test the insulation performance of batteries and other electrical components to prevent leakage and short circuit problems.

Current clamp

Used to quickly measure the current value in the line without cutting the cable.

Insulated handle disassembly and assembly tool

It is processed with insulating materials and is suitable for operations such as disassembly and assembly of electrical systems.

Battery pack lift

It is used to lift the battery pack during disassembly and installation, and can also be used to transfer and transport the battery pack to a special maintenance platform.

Special maintenance equipment

Battery pack air tightness detector

Used to test the air tightness of the battery pack to prevent water from entering the battery pack after repair.

Cell balancer

High-precision lithium battery balancing maintenance equipment designed based on the charging and discharging characteristics of electric vehicle lithium batteries can effectively repair the problem of reduced cruising range caused by inconsistent battery cell voltages.

Battery module charging and discharging all-in-one machine

One device can meet the battery pack maintenance needs such as charging test, discharge test, cycle test, cell balancing test, charge and discharge and balancing test.

High voltage digital power supply

It can be used for offline driving and maintenance testing of high-voltage electrical appliances, such as air-conditioning compressors, power steering DC-DC modules, electronic fans, etc.

Insulating protective equipment

Insulating protective equipment

Including insulating gloves, goggles, etc. to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel when handling high-voltage batteries.

Electric vehicle maintenance requires specialized tools to meet the maintenance challenges posed by new technologies and systems. These tools not only improve the accuracy and efficiency of repairs, but also keep repair personnel and vehicle owners safe.

With the continuous development of electric vehicles, the use of special tools will become an inevitable trend in maintenance services.


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