Hyundai Sonata(LF) SVM Calibration

May 17,2023
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This function is to calibrate the image tolerance in the SVM system when the SVM control unit or the cameras (front, rear, left, right) on the vehicle are changed.


If this function is not performed when replacing the SVM control unit, the SVM switch light will flash and a trouble code will be set. (B103000: No camera tolerance correction) .

Applicable models:

Hyundai Sonata(LF) Normal area 2018 G 2.4 MPI


1. Check that the hood/trunk/doors are closed and the exterior mirrors are on.

2. The engine is stopped. The ignition is turned on. The gear is in neutral, and the parking brake is turned on.

3. The SVM system button is turned on.

4. Install the SVM calibration target. (refer to workshop manual).

Operation steps

1. Select the path: HYUNDAI -> General-> Sonata(LF)->2018-> G 2.4 MPI, the system list is as follows:


2.  Select Around View Monitor System -> Special Function.


3. Select SVM Calibration.


4. When the conditions are met, select OK.


5. Here, select Fast Frward as an example. After selecting Fast Frward, the software sends the corresponding command and returns to this interface, so that the user can continue to adjust other values. After the adjustment is complete, select Update AVM.



6. Confirm that the values are correct and select OK to update.


7.  After the update is complete, select Close to exit the function.



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