Hyundai SPC Calibration

May 18,2023
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Vehicle components are overhauled and replaced as follows:

(1) Replace the controller

(2) Remove and reinstall or replace the windshield

(3) Repaired chassis top plate

(4) Repaired LDWS control unit bracket

(5) The vehicle has experienced a collision


Before performing maintenance calibration, the LDWS/LKAS module should be programmed with the correct vehicle variable encoding information.

Applicable models:

Hyundai Tucson(TL) Normal area 2018 D 1.7 TCI-U2(High Power)


1.  Check the vehicle's front wheel inclination and tire pressure to ensure the camera is properly aligned with the 'world' letters.

2. The vehicle must be in a normal load state, and the weight in the trunk of the vehicle must meet the manufacturer's EOL manufacturing specifications.

3. The windshield must be clean and inspected so that it does not block the FOV of the camera.

4.  Headlights must be switched off.

5. The ignition switch must be turned on.

6. The left and right sides of the road should be identified, and there should be no fog and rain.

7. The vehicle speed should be higher than 36 km/h on the straight road, and the test time can be increased on the winding road.

8. You can check the progress of the test. If the progress doesn't increase for more than 1 minute, you should try again under test conditions.

Set up calibration aids

1. The camera field of view is free and clean.

2. Use the LAC01-13 target board.

3. The ADAS panel is placed parallel to the front of the vehicle.

4. The ADAS panel is placed in the center of the front of the vehicle.

Operation steps

1. Select the path: HYUNDAI -> General -> Tucson(TL) -> 2018 -> D 1.7 TCI-U2(High Power) -> System Selection, the system list is as follows:


2.  Select Lane Departure Warning System -> Special Function.


3. Select SPC Calibration.


4. After completing the corresponding requirements according to the prompt information, select OK.


5. Read the above information carefully, meet its requirements, and select OK.


6. Display this interface, select OK, complete the function and exit.



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