ADAS Radar Three-In-One Lane Change Assistance System Calibration Tutorial (Doppler Simulator)

Jun 09,2023
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The radar three-in-one calibration tool is a tool for radar system calibration developed by SmartSafe, including ACC radar reflector, conical radar target, Doppler simulator, three-in-one main frame and accessories. It can calibrate adaptive Cruise control system, blind spot monitoring system, lane change assist system, front corner radar system, etc.

Calibration equipment

LAC05-04 Doppler Simulator

Three-in-one main frame

ST D01 tablet

Calibration system

LCA lane change assist system

Calibrated car model

Changan Mazda

Operation Tutorial

1. Turn on the car ignition switch, connect the OBD diagnostic connector, select [ADAS Calibration] on the D01 main interface to automatically identify the VIN code. Select the year of the vehicle and confirm the vehicle information.



2. Enter [ADAS Calibration Function]→ [BSD Radar Calibration]→[BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring) Aiming].


3. Select [Aiming By Using Reflector].


4. Select [Right Side]


5. Select [Aiming By Using Doppler]


6. Select [Right Side]


7. Determine Point A And Point B

① Place Lead HammerLAM09-06InThe Center Of The Rear Car Logo AndLetlt Naturally Drop To The GroundThis Point Is Point B.
② Place Five-Line Laser Instrument LAM09-01 At Point B.
③ Place Lead Hammer LAM09-06 In The Center Of The Front Car Logo And Let It Naturally Drop To The Ground This point is point A.
④ Place Laser Reflector LAM09-03 At Point A.
⑤ Click [Next Step].




8. Determine The Vehicle Center Line P

① Ensure That Five-Line Laser Instrument LAM09-01 Is Level, Turn On The Five-Line Laser Instrument, And Press The V Button On The Five-Line Laser Instrument To Turn On The Four Direction Laser Ray.
②  Fine-Tune Five-Line Laser Instrument LAM09-01. And Observe The Bottom Of The Car Through The Auxiliary Mirror LAM09-04 To Irradiate The Longitudinal Laser On The Central Axis Of Laser Reflector LAM09-03.
③ Click [Next Step].



9. Determine Point C

① Mark Point C On The Center Line P To Make The Distance Between B And C Be L, L=2000mm/78.7inch.

② Click [Next Step].



10. Determine Point C1

① Place The Five-Line Laser Instrument LAM09-01 At Point C To Make The Longitudinal Laser Line Pass Through Point B.

② Mark Point C1 On The HorizontalLaser Line Of The Five-Line LaserInstrument LAM09-01To Make The Distance From Point C To Point C1 Be L=672mm/26.5inch.

③ Click [Next Step].


11. Determine Point C2

① Mark Point C2 On The Horizontal Laser Line Of The Five-Line Laser Instrument LAM09-01 To Make The Distance From Point C To Point C2 Be L=672mm/26.5inch.

② Click [Next Step].




12. Place the calibrated main frame at point C, so that point C coincides with the position of the equipment base Y3. Place the adapter frame LAR09-01 on the main frame, and install the Doppler simulator LAC05-04, click [Next Step].




13. Place Calibration Target

① Place Doppler Device (LAC05-04) At Point C1, Adjust Height Using Turning Knob h=650mm/26inch.

② Click [Next Step].


14. Turn Doppler Generator Switch ON (Location 3 In The Figure), The LED1 Will Be Green.



15. Wait for the calibration to complete and save the ADAS report.



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