Toyota Camry ADAS Radar Three-in-one Adaptive Cruise System Calibration

May 29,2023
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Calibration equipment

1. LAM05-02 ACC radar reflector

2. LAR09-01 adapter frame

3. Three-in-one main frame

4. ST D01 tablet

Calibration system

ACC adaptive cruise system

Measured model

Toyota Camry

Step one

Turn on the car ignition switch, connect the OBD diagnostic connector, and select [ADAS Calibration] on the D01 main interface to automatically identify the VIN code.


Select [w/smart key]


Select the year of the vehicle and confirm the vehicle information


Step two

Enter [ADAS Calibration Function], and select [Front Beam Axis Adjustment(recommended to pe...)].


Select[Flat Surface Target(LAC05-02/LAM05-02)]


Select[ ADAS RADAR 3 IN 1]


Step three: Follow the information prompts below to operate

1. Park the vehicle on a level surface where the area (making a=5000 mm (197.00 inch), d2=6000 mm (236.40 inch), e=3000 mm(118.20 inch)) in front of the vehicle shown in the illustration is free of metal objects.

2. Click [Next Step].



Step four: Confirm point A and point B

1. Place Plumb LAM09-06 at the center of the rear vehicle logo, and let it hang down to the ground naturally. Place cross positioning sticker and mark it as point B.

2. Place laser reflectivity plate LAM09-03 at point B.

3. Place Plumb LAM09-06 at the center of the front vehicle logo,and let it hang down to the ground naturally. Place cross positioning sticker and mark it as point A.

4. Place five-line laser instrument at point A.

5. Click [Next Step].




Step five: Confirm the vehicle center line P

1. Ensure five-line laser instrument is horizontal, turn on the five-line laser instrument, and press the V button on the laser instrument to turn on the four-direction laser line.

2. Slightly adjust the five-line laser instrument, and observe the vehicle bottom through the auxiliary mirror LAM09-04, so that the longitudinal laser shines on the central axle of laser reflectivity plate LAM09-03.

3. Click [Next Step].



Step six:  Determine the location of the equipment

1. Place cross positioning sticker on the center line P, and mark point C, so that the distance from point A to point C is equal to L, L=1500 mm(59.010 inch).

2. Click [Next Step].



Step seven: Determine the location of the equipment

1. Place the calibration equipment at point C so that point C coincides with the position of equipment base Y2.

2. Click [Next Step].




Step eight: Install ACC reflectivity plate and adjust the equipment level

1. Place the adapter frame LAR09-01, and install ACC radar reflectivity plate LAM05-02.

2. Adjust the position of ACC radar reflectivity plate LAM05-02 to position 2.

3. Observe the horizontal bubble (1) on the ACC radar reflectivity plate. If necessary, adjust the base knob (2) so that the horizontal bubble is located in the center.

4. Click [Next Step].




Step nine: Adjust height

1. Turn on the laser line.

2. Adjust the height of the equipment so that the laser point shines on the central position of radar sensor.

3. Click [Next Step].




Step ten:Wait for the calibration to complete and save the ADAS report



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