Multiple Usage Scenarios of SmartSafe Electric Vehicle Maintenance Equipment

May 26,2023
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SmartSafe electric vehicles battery pack maintenance includes EB240 Battery Pack Cell Equalizer, EP260 Battery Pack Module Charging and Discharging Integrated Machine and ET30 Battery Pack Airtightness Detector. These three products are widely used in the storage and transportation of battery manufacturers, as well as battery maintenance in car factories.

In what scenarios are they used? Let's talk about it!

Warehousing scene

Periodic activation of the battery pack

During the long-term storage process of electric vehicle battery packs, the phenomenon of self-discharge can easily cause the battery to be in a low or depleted state, leading to a reduction in battery capacity and a shortened lifespan.

In this case, the battery can be activated regularly with EP260. The wide voltage range design adopted by EP260 is suitable for discharging and charging modules of different voltage levels. Users can freely set charging and discharging rules and activation times to effectively increase battery capacity.

Transportation scene

Lithium battery discharge treatment before transportation

In order to reduce the risk of fire, there are corresponding regulations on the power of lithium batteries during transportation. For example, the SOC of transported samples such as lithium iron phosphate battery packs must not exceed 30%, and the requirements for ternary lithium batteries are even stricter (20%).

Therefore, when transporting battery packs and fault repair battery packs, EP260 can be used to discharge their SOC to meet the transportation standards.

Vehicle battery pack repair scene

Find the problem module/battery

EP260 can simulate the charging and discharging conditions of the vehicle through charging and discharging during battery maintenance in the vehicle factory, and quickly find problematic modules or battery cells.

Charge and discharge balance after module replacement

During the maintenance process, if you need to replace the faulty module, you need to use the EP260 again to complete the charging and discharging balance of the battery module.

Balanced maintenance after cell replacement

If it is necessary to replace a problematic battery cell, it is recommended to use the EB240 to achieve cell balancing and ensure consistent voltage among the battery cells within the battery module.

Solve the problem of slow charging rate

In terms of module charging, individual differences in batteries, temperature differences and other reasons will cause voltage imbalances at the battery terminals, resulting in slow charging rates. At this time, the high current of EP260 is used first to fully charge, and then the small current of EB240 is used for equalization, which can speed up the charging rate and finally complete high-efficiency charging.

Air tightness detection during disassembly and assembly of battery packs

When assembling the battery pack, the edge of the battery box needs to be glued or sealed. If the seal is not complete, the electric vehicle will enter the water when driving in a puddle, causing internal electrical short circuits or corrosion, and leakage, which seriously threatens driving safety. Therefore, in addition to some safety tests such as circuit tests, charge, and discharge tests, and performance test, the air tightness test is also an important test for battery packs.

The ET30 electric vehicle battery pack air tightness tester can be used to detect the air tightness of the battery pack and the volume, test pressure and inflation time can be set by using the device's custom mode, and the pressure change can be detected in real-time. Finally, determine whether the airtightness of the tested battery pack is qualified.

Battery pack cooling water pipe leak detection

ET30 is also required for the tightness test of the cooling water pipe of the battery pack, especially the cooling water pipe after the overall assembly. If there is a section of sealing that is not good enough, it will lead to a weakened heat dissipation effect and excessive local temperature. At the same time, the sealing of the cooling water pipe is insufficient, resulting in water leakage, easy to form a short circuit, and seriously affecting driving safety.


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