EV Battery Cell Equalizer
(Original Model: iSmartEV EB240)

EB240 Battery Equalizer is a battery maintenance equipment specially designed for electric batteries developed by SmartSafe. It is used to quickly solve cruising range degradation caused by the difference in cell capacity due to inconsistent cell voltages. It has the characteristics simple operation, stable performance, strong anti harmonic ability and convenient carrying. It can be applied to power battery production, new energy vehicle enterprise R&D, new energy battery pack maintenance and other scenarios.


EB240 Lithium Battery Equalizer Machine

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Video introduction to SmartSafe EB240 Battery Equalizer. Click on the video training center to view more case videos!


EB240 EV Battery Cell Equalizer
  • Capable of simultaneously balancing up to 24 battery cells
    Capable of simultaneously balancing up to 24 battery cells
  • Compatible with all common types of lithium-ion batteries available in the market
    Compatible with all common types of lithium-ion batteries available in the market
  • Intelligent balancing function allows individual balancing of battery cells within a battery module, preventing overcharging or over-discharging of individual cells
    Intelligent balancing function allows individual balancing of battery cells within a battery module, preventing overcharging or over-discharging of individual cells


What Can Be Solved
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EB240 is mainly used for lithium battery pack charge & discharge test and equalizing maintenance, suitable for various voltage level.

Working conditions: No corrosive, no explosive, no electrical breakdown air or conductive dust.

EB240 Battery Pack Cell Equalizer Machine
Balancing Maintenance
Supports charging, discharging, and balancing modes for lithium-ion batteries like ternary lithium,lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, and lithium manganese

Parameter Configuration
Pre-settable work modes, battery types, voltage thresholds, operating currents, cell series numbers, and other parameters

Multiple Protections
Supports overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit, reverse polarity protection, and overheat protection

Data Visualization
Real-time monitoring of voltage, current, charge-discharge status, and capacity of individual cells during the balancing process
Data Analysis
Automatically stores historical balancing records, supports data presentation in both graph and bar chart formats

Data Export
Historical data can be exported to a USB drive as Excel files

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Products Parameters

Power Input
Wireless Communication
WiFi and BT(external WiFi antenna)
600W Max
Equalize Number of Channels
Charge and Discharge Voltage Range
Equalize Interface
Voltage Detection Accuracy
士0.1% FS2±mV  (maximum range 5V)
Battery Interface
Charge and Discharge Current Range
0.1~5A Max
7-inch TFT LCD screen,resolution 1024X600
Current Detection Accuracy
土1% FS+0.05A (maximum range 5A)
Communication Interface
Battery Temperature Detection Accuracy
士2°C(-25C~ 85°C)
Charge Control
Constant current charging+constant voltage charging
Discharge Mode
Constant current discharging + constant voltage discharging

Protection Function
Input over-current protection, over-voltage protection, output over-current protection, over-temperature protection

Maintenance tips

Maintenance Make Your Products Last Longer

Make Your Products Last Longer

Do not allow water to enter the product.

When your hands are very oily, please do not touch the product.

Wipe the product with alcohol regularly.

In order to prevent the product screen from being scratched, a protective film can be attached to the product.

Prevent the product from being unresponsive due to the wrong wiring of the product.

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