EV DP750 Intelligent Digital Power Supply for Auto Repair

May 01,2023
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The electric vehicle market is developing rapidly, and the demand for after-sales maintenance is also increasing. Many equipment companies are increasing research and development in the field of electric vehicle testing equipment, but there is still no digital power supply equipment dedicated to auto repair.

After the launch of SmartSafe EV DP750 intelligent digital power supply for auto repair, it has greatly solved several major traditional problems in the auto repair industry, including large power supply, insufficient safety protection, single control mode, and high price, etc.. It solves the problem that there is no dedicated power supply in the electric vehicle maintenance market.

Compatible with multiple functions, filling the gap in the industry

EV DP750 has achieved multiple innovations in applications and functions. It is not only suitable for electric vehicles, but also for fuel vehicles. Functionally, the product has the following characteristics:

① High and low power supply dual output mode, intelligent high-voltage self-test protection mode, with short-circuit automatic power-off and product automatic detection functions, which greatly protect the safety of users;

② Bluetooth wireless technology is used in control, which can be directly controlled on the product, and can also be transplanted to realize intelligent remote control in different devices;

③ The control of the product's input and output, current size, power, data real-time synchronization and other functions can be completed on different devices, which improves the safety of the product and makes it easier to operate.

As a dedicated auxiliary power supply for battery testing and automotive diagnostics. EV DP750 follows the industry's high standards, relies on leading technology development and actual scene application requirements, and realizes the power supply for electric vehicles to provide high and low-voltage drive components for off-vehicle testing and offline testing.

Patent information of EV DP750 digital power supply

Accepted patent: CN202210545334

Patent name: Diagnosis method, device, electronic device and storage medium of battery pack

Patent summary: Receive the battery pack diagnosis command sent by the terminal equipment, and carry the battery pack identification. It can directly obtain the status information of the battery pack, and then determine the fault information of the battery pack, and send the fault information back to the terminal device.

This method enables the user to diagnose the battery pack of the vehicle by himself through the terminal device. It is convenient and fast without the need for technical personnel to detect it. Thereby solving the problems of inconvenient operation and poor user experience.

SmartSafe wins the market with quality

Under the rapid changes in the market, SmartSafe quickly determines the long-term development strategy. In recent years, keeping up with the development trend of smart cars and electric vehicles, we have accelerated the deployment of electric vehicle maintenance equipment, combining core technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.  Provide solutions for professional and leading electric vehicle battery testing analysis and maintenance in the automotive aftermarket.

SmartSafe already has a complete set of smart and electric vehicle maintenance equipment. It can provide a one-stop solution for electric vehicle battery pack tester, electric vehicle comprehensive tester, battery pack air tightness tester, battery pack module equalizer, battery pack charge and discharge equalizer, and so on for electric vehicle maintenance.


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