What is BMS Reset and BMS Reset Tools Recommended

Apr 19,2023
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What is BMS reset?

Battery Management System (BMS) is a system for monitoring and controlling battery charging, discharging, and the overall health of the battery. BMS reset is the process of resetting BMS to default settings.

The principle of BMS reset?

The principle of BMS reset is to restore the battery management system to the default settings. A BMS is designed to monitor and control the charging and discharging of a battery to keep it operating within safe parameters and extend its lifetime. Over time, the BMS may accumulate data and settings specific to older batteries, which may no longer be appropriate or optimal when a new battery is installed. Performing BMS reset will clear all accumulated data and settings in the BMS, returning it to default settings. This allows the BMS to relearn and adapt to the characteristics of the new battery, optimizing its performance and extending its lifespan.

Additionally, BMS reset can be performed to resolve issues with the BMS itself. If the BMS is not functioning properly, a reset can help clear any errors or malfunctions and make it function properly again.

In general, the principle behind BMS reset is to ensure that the battery management system is operating in an optimal and safe manner, whether it is using a new battery or solving a problem with the BMS itself.

Do you have to reset BMS?

So, does the BMS have to be reset?

Actually not!  Whether the BMS needs to be reset depends on the situation. For example, if you are experiencing issues with your battery or BMS, you may need to reset the BMS to clear any error codes or malfunctions that are preventing the system from functioning properly. However, resetting the BMS should only be considered after confirming the problem. Improper BMS reset may damage the battery or even pose a safety hazard.
In order to let you understand when you need to reset the BMS, we have summarized the following situations:

① Unbalanced battery: If the performance of each battery in the battery pack is unbalanced, it may be necessary to reset BMS to recalibrate the system.

② Battery replacement: After replacing the battery, the BMS needs to be reset to calibrate to the new battery.

③ Replace the battery monitoring sensor: reset the BMS to ensure that the battery monitoring sensor can operate normally.

④ Voltage or temperature error: The BMS has detected an error in the battery voltage or temperature reading and needs to be reset to clear the error.

⑤ Software update: Reset the BMS to ensure it works properly with the updated software.

BMS is a key component in maintaining battery health and safety. Resetting the BMS is a careful process so as not to damage the battery or the BMS. The reset of BMS needs to pay attention to the following points:

① Disconnect the battery: Before resetting the BMS, disconnect the battery from the power supply to ensure that the BMS is not damaged during the reset process.

② Wait for the battery to cool down: If the battery gets hot from use or charging, let it cool down before resetting the BMS, because resetting the BMS on a hot battery may damage the battery or the BMS.

③ Use the correct tools: Use the correct tools and equipment to avoid damage to the battery or BMS.

④ Reset the BMS only if necessary: If the battery is working fine, you may not need to reset the BMS. Only reset the BMS if there is a problem with battery performance or if recommended by the manufacturer.

⑤ Perform the reset procedure according to the instructions: During the process of resetting the BMS, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions to perform the reset steps, otherwise the battery or BMS may be damaged.

BMS reset tools

BMS reset tools are devices specially used to reset the battery BMS. These tools help restore battery performance and functionality. But it should be noted that not all batteries have a reset function, and not all BMS reset tools are compatible with all types of batteries.

BMS reset tools for electric vehicles

iSmartEV P01, iSmartEV P03: Battery diagnostic tools specially made for electric vehicles, with BMS reset function. It can reset the on-board battery monitoring unit, where the low power of the original battery will clear the fault information and perform battery matching.

BMS reset tools for fuel vehicles

iSmartLink D01iSmartIMMO 801: Obd2 scanner with BMS reset function. It matches 90% of the brand vehicles on the market, and the operation is convenient and quick.


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