2015 Ford Focus CCM#1(Cruise Control Module) Calibration

May 11,2023
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Functional description

① Replace the cruise radar sensor.

② Replace the CCMii control module.

Test conditions and precautions

① This function requires a road test.

② After the program is executed, drive the vehicle on the road at speeds above 40 mph for 15 minutes, or until the adaptive cruise control light stops flashing.

Applicable models:

2015 Ford Focus

Operation steps

1. Select Ford V47.50 or above.

2. Select [Automatically Search].



3. Select [ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) Calibration].


4. Select [CCM1 Calibration].


5. Prompt the execution conditions of the function. Drive at a speed greater than 40MP/H for more than 15 minutes before turning off the ignition switch.


6. Start the engine. if you can not start the prompt, continue to fire for 5 seconds.


7. The vehicle is in calibration mode at this time. Do not turn off the ignition or disconnect the diagnostic instrument, and operate according to the prompts.


8. The function is completed, indicating that the test is passed.


9. After the program runs, start the vehicle and check if there is a fault indicator light on the instrument panel. Calibration is complete.


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