Diesel Injector Cleaning Machine: Enhancing Fuel System Performance

Aug 22,2023
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In modern fuel engines, diesel fuel injectors play a vital role, they ensure that fuel is injected into the cylinder at the proper pressure and angle, so as to achieve the best balance of combustion efficiency and power output. Over time, injectors lose their effectiveness due to the accumulation of deposits, dirt and combustion products. In order to maintain the performance of the engine and energy saving and environmental protection, the diesel fuel injector cleaning machine came into being. We can understand the diesel fuel injector from the working principle, advantages, steps and precautions!

Working principle of diesel injector cleaning machine

The working principle of the diesel injector cleaning machine involves high-pressure injection of cleaning agent to remove dirt and carbon deposits inside the diesel injector. The following is a detailed explanation of the working principle of the diesel injector cleaning machine:

1. Connect the fuel injector: First, the diesel fuel injector to be cleaned needs to be connected with the cleaning machine. Ensure the connection is secure to avoid any potential leaks.

2. Inject cleaning agent: The cleaning agent is a specially formulated solvent with strong cleaning ability, which can dissolve the deposits and carbon scale inside the injector. Detergent is injected into the reservoir of the cleaning machine.

3. Build up high pressure: There is a high-pressure pump inside the washing machine, which will extract and pressurize the cleaning agent to form a high-pressure cleaning agent fluid.

4. Spray cleaning agent: A high-pressure pump sends cleaning agent into the injector system, which are usually located in critical parts of diesel injectors, such as spray holes and injectors. The cleaning agent will be sprayed out at high speed under the action of high pressure to form a fine spray.

5. Washing away dirt: The high-speed flow and powerful injection of cleaning agent will generate violent vortex and impact inside the diesel injector. This causes dirt, carbon scale and carbon deposits to be crushed, dissolved and washed away from the injector surfaces.

6. Dirt discharge: The cleaned dirt and carbon scale will flow out of the fuel injector together with the cleaning agent and be discharged through the exhaust system.

7. Observe the cleaning effect: During the cleaning process, the operator can observe the injection status and cleaning effect of the injector to ensure thorough cleaning.

8. Finishing and drying: After cleaning, stop the supply of cleaning agent and wait for a period of time to ensure that the cleaning agent is completely evaporated and will not affect subsequent use. Drying of the fuel injector can also be assisted by means of blowing.

The diesel fuel injector cleaning machine uses high-pressure spray cleaning agent to remove the dirt inside the fuel injector and restore the normal injection effect of the fuel injector.

How to use the diesel injector cleaning machine correctly?

Proper use of diesel injector cleaning machine is the key to ensure effective cleaning and maintenance of diesel injectors. The following are the steps and precautions for using the diesel fuel injector cleaning machine correctly:

① Preparation

--If you are using the injector cleaning machine for the first time, make sure an experienced technician will guide it.

--Know about the model, function and operating instructions of the fuel injector cleaning machine for normal operation.

② Select the appropriate cleaning agent

-- Select a suitable cleaning agent according to the type and condition of the fuel injector to be cleaned. Different types of injectors may require different types of cleaning agents. If you do not know which cleaning agent to use, you can consult the equipment supplier in detail.

③ Connect the diesel fuel injector

--Connect the fuel injector to be cleaned with the connection port of the equipment, make sure the connection is tight and there is no leakage.

④ Set cleaning parameters

--Set the parameters of the cleaning machine, such as cleaning agent injection pressure, injection time, etc., according to the model and requirements of the diesel injector.

⑤ Start the cleaning machine

--Start the cleaning machine and let the cleaning agent start spraying according to the preset parameters. Make sure you have set the parameters correctly before starting.

⑥ Observe the cleaning process

--During the cleaning process, carefully observe the state of the diesel injector. Make sure that the cleaning agent fully covers all parts of the injector.

⑦ Stop cleaning

- According to the set cleaning time or the amount of cleaning agent used, stop the operation of the cleaning machine in due course.

⑧ Disconnect

- After cleaning is complete, disconnect the cleaning machine from the injector. Be careful not to splash the cleaning agent on the skin and eyes when disconnecting.

⑨ Observe the cleaning effect

--Observe the cleaning effect of the diesel fuel injector to ensure that the dirt and carbon scale have been removed.

⑩ Record and maintenance

--Record the cleaning date, parameters and cleaning agent usage for reference in the next cleaning.
--Regularly check the status of the cleaning machine to maintain its normal operation and maintenance.

During the operation process, you must follow the operating instructions of the cleaning machine and follow the safe operation procedures to ensure the safety and reliability of the operation process. If you are unsure of the procedure, it is best to call in a professional technician to perform the cleaning job.

Precautions for using diesel injector cleaning machine

In the process of using the diesel injector cleaning machine, special attention should be paid to safety and correct operation to ensure smooth and effective operation. The following are the precautions for using the diesel injector cleaning machine:

① Ventilated environment

During cleaning, ensure that the operating environment is well-ventilated to prevent accumulation of cleaning agent vapors.

② Correct and suitable cleaning agent

Use a cleaning agent suitable for the type of injector. According to the structure and material of the injector, select the corresponding cleaning agent to avoid damage.

③ Correct connection

Make sure the fuel injector is connected securely to the cleaning machine to prevent leaks and safety issues.

④ Avoid excessive cleaning

Do not over-clean the fuel injectors to prevent damage to the fuel injectors. Follow the recommended cleaning cycle.

⑤ Appropriate amount of cleaning agent

Use the right amount of cleaning agent to ensure the cleaning effect.

⑥ Prevent splashing

When cleaning the fuel injector, pay attention to the spray direction of the cleaning agent to prevent the cleaning agent from splashing on other components or personnel.

⑦ Cleaning agent evaporates

After cleaning, make sure that the cleaning agent has fully evaporated, and do not install the cleaned fuel injector directly on the engine.

⑧ Regular maintenance

Regularly check and maintain the fuel injector cleaning machine to keep it in normal operation for long-term use.


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