Unlocking Convenience: Car Key Cloner for Seamless Access

Sep 06,2023
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Introduction to Key Cloners

The key cloner is a device or tool used to clone or duplicate electronic and mechanical keys. The main purpose of a key cloner is to create duplicates of keys, allowing users to have multiple keys that can access the same system or open the same lock.

This is especially useful in the following situations, including:

① Spare keys: For convenience, a key cloner is usually used to produce spare keys in case the original key is lost or damaged.

② Lost or replaced keys: When someone loses a key or needs to replace a key, the key cloner can be used to create a duplicate key without access to the original key.

③ Property management: Property managers, landlords, and businesses use key cloners to provide keys to authorized individuals while keeping the master copy, thereby maintaining access control to their properties or facilities.

④ Locksmith service: Professional locksmiths often use key cloners to provide key duplication services to customers, ensuring fast and accurate key duplication.

⑤ Security and access control: In electronic key systems, key cloners are used to program additional electronic keys or access cards for authorized personnel, maintain security and control access to secure areas.

Types of Key Cloners

There are different types of key cloners for different keys and key duplication methods. The following are the main types of key cloners:

① Transponder key cloner: Transponder keys are commonly used as an anti-theft measure in modern cars. A transponder key cloner can copy the electronic code embedded in the original key and transfer it to a blank key. This allows the clone key to start the vehicle's engine, just like the original key.

② Smart key cloner: Smart key is also known as a proximity key or keyless entry system, which has electronic components to communicate with the vehicle or lock it wirelessly.

Mechanical Key Cloner:

① Manual Key Cloner: Used to duplicate traditional non-electronic keys, such as those used in homes, offices, or padlocks. Locksmiths and key duplication services often use manual key cloners to duplicate standard keys.

② Automatic Key Cutter: Automatic key cutters are used by locksmiths and key professionals to produce exact copies of mechanical keys. These machines can read the outline of the original key and then cut the blank key to match it. Some advanced models can even handle high-security keys with intricate cuts.

Electronic key cloners require a certain level of technical expertise to operate, as it involves reading and programming electronic codes. On the other hand, mechanical key cloners are usually simpler to use and require no electronic components. Which type of key cloner you choose to use depends on the exact type of key you need to copy and your level of expertise in key cloning techniques.

Car Key Cloner

Car key cloner also can be called "transponder key cloner" or "auto key cloner". Especially useful for car owners who need spare keys, have lost their original keys, or want to avoid the high costs associated with getting replacement keys from the car dealer. They can save time and money by allowing a locksmith or car key professional to provide duplicate keys quickly.

In general, a car key cloner works as follows:

① Read original key: The car key cloner first reads and captures the unique electronic code stored in the transponder chip of the original key. This code is necessary for the vehicle security system to recognize the authorization key.

② Program the blank key: Then, the cloner programs the captured code onto the blank transponder key. As far as vehicle immobilizers are concerned, a cloned key is essentially a replica of the original key.

③ Testing and verification: After cloning, the cloned key will be tested to ensure it works properly. It should be able to start the vehicle's engine and operate the door locks, just like the original key.

Car key cloners have legitimate uses, but they can also cause security concerns. If used irresponsibly, it can be misused for authorized key duplication and vehicle theft. Therefore, responsible and ethical use of car key cloners is of utmost importance.

In terms of compatibility, function, price, after-sales service and ease of operation, SmartSafe recommends two car key cloners.

IMMO G3 Immobilizer Programmer

IMMO G3 is a special device for auto anti-theft programming used to read and write car key chip data, including EEPROM reading and writing, car MCU reading and writing, Mercedes-Benz infrared keys, generating special keys, BMW engine INS code reading, BMW CAS4+/FEM chip reading and writing, etc.


1. Car anti-theft: Add Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen Audi and other car series, Porsche anti-theft function and engine computer and gearbox cloning function of other car series;
2. Key matching: add functions such as Mercedes-Benz infrared key, key imitation duplicator, key reading and writing, etc.

IMMO 801 Automotive Key & IMMO Programming Tool

IMMO 801 is a professional automotive key & IMMO programming tool that integrates vehicle inspection, common maintenance functions, remote control matching, key matching, anti-theft ECU matching, ECU reset, chip reading and writing, and car computer reading and writing. It is suitable for the automotive electronics industry, locksmiths, repair shops and other professional users.


1. Anti-theft matching: support learning, reset, matching, replacement and programming of IMMO, PEPS, EMS, ESCL and other control units;

2. Anti-theft programmer: support anti-theft chip reading and writing, anti-theft ECU reading and writing, key matching and remote control matching and other functions;

3. Vehicle inspection: support for code reading, code clearing, data stream reading, action testing, special functions and other full-system and full-function inspections;

4. Maintenance function: support 26 commonly special functions, such as maintenance light reset, throttle matching, brake pad replacement, steering angle reset, anti-theft matching, ABS bleeding injector coding, DPF regeneration, sunroof initialization, Gearbox matching, etc.;

5. Test report: Support the display of fault detection, data flow and other reports;

6. Software upgrade: Support online upgrades, including model software, firmware software, and APP software.


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