Opel 2020 Astra-K Front View Camera Calibration

Apr 05,2023
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Applicable scope:

Supported models/years: 2016-2020 Astra-K and other dynamic calibration models

Function introduce:

This function needs to be performed when the front camera is removed or replaced. And it requires the vehicle to be dynamically calibrated while driving on a road with better road conditions.

Conditional requirements:

During the day and the weather is good and communication is normal. Drive the vehicle on a straight road with some stationary objects on the side of the road, and the vehicle speed exceeds 60km/h (38mph).

Software version:

Select Opel V42.60 or above

Product requirement:

X-431 ADAS PRO PLUS/ X-431 ADAS Mobile series products, iSmartLink D01/iSmartLink 801

Operation guide:

1. Select "ADAS Calibration".


2. Select "ADAS System Selection"(ADAS System Scan automatically analyzes the vehicle model by reading the VIN code of the vehicle. The following is an example of manual selection).


3. Select 2020.


4. Select vehicle type "Astra-K".


5. Select System/Function FCM->Frontview Camera Learn.


6. The reason why this function needs to be performed is prompted, click "OK".


7. It is necessary to carefully read the conditions that need to be met for calibration, and ensure that the conditions for execution are met! Click "OK" to continue.


8. Various state value interfaces of the current vehicle calibration camera, after meeting the conditions in step 7, click "Learn".


9. After clicking "Learn", continue to drive. Generally, the whole process can be completed in about 5 minutes. Various status values will also change accordingly, and the relevant indicators of the instrument will also turn green, and the function is successfully executed at this time.


10. Exit the function and return to the menu to clear the fault code.


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