Innovation, Connective, Intelligent | SmartSafe’s First Global Annual Conference Was Successfully Held

Dec 07,2023
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From December 4th to 5th, the first global annual conference of SmartSafe was held at the Shenzhen Silver Lake International Convention Center. With the theme of "Innovation·Connection·Intelligence", this annual conference brings together dealers from more than 40 countries and regions at home and abroad, city partners from China, SmartSafe investors and SmartSafe partners. At the conference, Mr. Liu Yizhi, a pioneer and leader in the automotive aftermarket, shareholder of SmartSafe, and chairman of the board of directors of Shenzhen Launch Tech Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. Mr. Liu Zhengzhi, chairman of SmartSafe, released the latest technology and products in 2023.

Innovation, Leading a Myriad of Product Blossoms

As an emerging force in automotive aftermarket development, SmartSafe has gone through the test of the epidemic three years since its establishment and has flourished ahead. We continue to develop and innovate in the two major product lines of automobile calibration and maintenance equipment and electric vehicles testing and maintenance equipment. As of November 2023, SmartSafe has applied for 313 domestic and foreign patents, including 73 invention patents.

Continuous iteration and product technology innovation have enriched SmartSafe's product ecosystem. In the two core product lines, SmartSafe's products have covered six categories: tire equipment (four-wheel alignment, tire tread detection), cleaning and maintenance equipment, anti-theft and testing equipment, ADAS calibration equipment, electric vehicles testing equipment and electric vehicles maintenance equipment. There are more than 50 product models on sale. At this annual conference, SmartSafe released a series of world-class new products to the world, which also marked the entry of SmartSafe into the 2.0 era of rapid development from 1.0 when it was founded.

At the annual conference, Mr. Liu Zhengzhi, Chairman of SmartSafe, introduced SmartSafe’s latest technology and innovative research and development results to global partners, and 13 major new products were officially unveiled. Among them, the wireless non-contact four-wheel aligner WA913 has received widespread attention from global participants with its forward-looking technology and innovative and unique structural design.  This product uses advanced laser image algorithms and non-contact solutions. Users only need to park the vehicle on a lift equipped with WA913. There is no need to install wheel clamps, targets, push carts and other complex operations. It only takes 30 seconds. All four-wheel alignment measurements are completed. This disruptive innovative technology greatly improves the measurement efficiency, accuracy and convenience of four-wheel alignment.

Mr. Liu Zhengzhi said at the conference: "The wireless non-contact four-wheel aligner WA913 is a major turning point in the history of SmartSafe product development, and it has opened a new era of non-contact measurement of four-wheel alignment in the auto repair industry."

In the Internet era, traditional products in various fields are widely connected through various wireless connection technologies, and perform more complex functions with the help of high-speed data calculation and transmission, thereby completing digital and intelligent transformation.

The same is true for the development of the field of auto maintenance equipment! The automotive industry is undergoing tremendous upgrades and changes. SmartSafe keeps up with the development trends of smart cars and electric vehicles, combines big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other core technologies to go all out in the research and development of intelligent connected terminal products to further promote It makes SmartSafe products more intelligent and presses the accelerator button for building a SmartSafe product ecosystem.

At the annual conference, another epoch-making product of SmartSafe, the AAOS operating system, was unveiled. This is the world's first operating system based on Android that is deeply customized for various devices and connections in the automotive aftermarket. It supports dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth triple One channel connecting and controls two devices at the same time. The release of this product will bring unlimited possibilities to the future automotive inspection industry.

Taking into account both software and hardware, the launch of the AAOS operating system was followed by the release of the new generation of smart link terminals ST13 and P13. These two products can wirelessly connect and control all SmartSafe's existing equipment applications such as wheel alignment, tire tread detection, ADAS calibration, car anti-theft, electric vehicles detection and maintenance. The connection of smart terminals also marks the official start of the SmartSafe product ecosystem covering many independent products.

Intelligence continues to drive the upgrading of the auto maintenance industry

At the electric vehicle maintenance equipment and national training industry seminar, experts and entrepreneurs in the auto maintenance industry unanimously believed that the growth rate of electric vehicles seriously does not match the service capabilities of the electric vehicle aftermarket. Under the wave of electric vehicles, automobile intelligence is becoming increasingly obvious. Still, the market lacks corresponding intelligent testing and maintenance products and corresponding maintenance technical talents.

At the conference, Mr. Liu Zhengzhi, Executive Vice President of SmartSafe, stressed that the road to intelligentization of automotive aftermarket services is long and arduous, and the “intelligent” development of SmartSafe products and technology is proceeding rapidly and steadily.

From ADAS calibration solutions, automotive safety system detection and analysis solutions to electric vehicle battery detection and analysis solutions, SmartSafe is based on a deep understanding of the development trends of smart cars and electric vehicles, with its keen market insights and strong technology research and development Ability to combine intelligent technology with traditional automobile repair and maintenance business, create a series of intelligent equipment and services, and become a dark horse in intelligent manufacturing in the automobile aftermarket industry.

At the same time, the "Electric Vehicle Auto Repair National Public Welfare Training" organized by SmartSafe also provides talent and technical support for the automobile maintenance industry. Deeply empower the development of soft power in the automotive maintenance industry, and truly realize the development of product intelligence and application-oriented talents in parallel.


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