SmartSafe's 1st Global Annual Conference | New product ST13 Preview

Nov 24,2023
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SmartSafe's first global annual meeting will be held grandly on December 4, 2023. SmartSafe will release eight new products at one time to demonstrate its strong innovation and independent research and development capabilities to global customers.

Today, let’s learn about the new product: ST13 Intelligent Link Terminal.

In the 5G era, intelligence has penetrated into various fields, and wireless interconnection has developed unprecedentedly. In the field of auto maintenance equipment, intelligence is also advancing rapidly.

The world's first AAOS system deeply customized for automotive aftermarket scenarios

SmartSafe's new intelligent link terminal ST13 is equipped with the world's first AAOS system deeply customized for automotive aftermarket scenarios.

The system implements application classification management and divides applications into professional equipment applications, basic applications, and system applications, making it more suitable for professional maintenance scenarios.

ST13 is pre-installed with WeChat and supports downloading and installing third-party applications. In addition, the system supports common gesture operations such as sliding back and split-screen, so users can enjoy a smooth experience.

Supports application split screen and can open two applications at the same time

ST13 supports split screen applications. When running device applications for vehicle maintenance and inspection, you can use WeChat voice/video calls to communicate with others at the same time, obtain professional technical support and solve fault problems in a timely manner.

Supports intelligent connection and control of multiple devices

ST13 can wirelessly connect and control all SmartSafe's existing equipment applications such as wheel alignment, tire tread detection, ADAS calibration, car anti-theft, electric vehicle detection and maintenance tools, and will gradually open up SmartSafe's product ecosystem.

A new reporting system that can combine multiple reports to generate a comprehensive report

ST13 can filter and merge various inspection data such as wheel alignment,  tire tread detection, ADAS calibration, fault detection, battery pack inspection, etc. to generate a comprehensive report.

After intelligent testing of a series of SmartSafe products, a vehicle can obtain a more comprehensive "physical examination report" through the ST13 intelligent link terminal.

High configuration and strong performance

As a smart terminal specially built for auto repair scenarios, ST13 is equipped with a powerful eight-core CPU and 8GB of memory, allowing it to easily handle multi-tasking and complex calculations. 256GB can store a large number of data reports and files to meet the data management and storage needs of repair shops. The battery capacity of 13600mAh ensures the stability and reliability of long-term use and meets usage scenarios such as testing and maintenance.

ST13 is equipped with a 13.3-inch high-definition large screen, which can clearly display maintenance tutorials, fault analysis and other information during maintenance work. In daily situations, it is convenient for maintenance personnel to check and learn at any time.

Metalloid material technology

ST13 is the first smart terminal device in the industry to use metalloid material to make its body. The body is ultra-light and ultra-thin, lightweight and durable.


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