Which Electronic Parking Brake Reset Tool Can We Choose?

Apr 12,2023
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What is electronic parking brake reset?

In modern vehicles, the parking brake is usually controlled not by a physical lever or pedal, but electronically. The purpose of the system is to provide greater control and accuracy when applying the brakes, but it also requires occasional maintenance. The electronic parking brake reset is the process of resetting the electronic parking brake system in your vehicle.

Why do you need to reset the electronic parking brake?

The Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) in a vehicle is designed to automatically engage when the car is parked and disengage when the driver wants to drive. When the EPB is engaged, the brakes are applied electronically, which can cause the pads to become misaligned or stuck in place. Resetting the EPB will release the brake pads and move them to the correct position, which is necessary for the vehicle to brake properly. This is why it is necessary to reset the electronic parking brake.

So when do you need to reset the electronic parking brake?

① After replacing the rear brake pads or calipers, the Electronic Parking Brake needs to be reset to make the brakes work normally.
② If the Electronic Parking Brake warning light on the instrument panel is on, it means that the EPB may need to be reset. In this case, resetting the EPB cleared the warning light and allowed the brakes to function normally.
③ The brake pad sensor circuit is short, which is recovered.
④  The servo motor is replaced.
⑤ Brake pad wear sensor.

How do i reset my electronic parking brake?

The procedure for resetting the electric parking brake varies by Brand and model of vehicle. In general, you can refer to the following steps:

1. First, park the vehicle on a level surface, make sure to turn on the ignition and depress the brake pedal.
2. Found the electric parking brake switch.
3. Press and hold the EPB switch until the brake warning light on the instrument panel starts to flash. Continue to hold the switch until the flash goes off.
4. Release the switch and press it again, the parking brake should now be reset.

We can reset the electronic parking brake by ourselves, but before we reset the electronic parking brake, we must first check the vehicle's manual and tool instruction manual, or seek help from a professional technician.

Which electronic parking brake reset tool can we choose?

For safety and easy operation, we need to choose a good tool! Although there are many excellent electronic parking brake tools on the market, we need to choose carefully and patiently. Here, we recommend several electronic parking brake scan tools from SmartSafe for you:

iSmartLink D01: This is a professional Obd2 scanner that can reset the electric parking brake and perform various other diagnostic functions. It is compatible with most makes and models of vehicles.

iSmartTool 601Max: can reset the electric parking brake, and perform other diagnostic functions, such as TPMS, battery, vehicle diagnosis, and videoscope.

iSmartEV P01: This is a diagnostic tool for electric vehicles that can reset the electric parking brake, as well as read and clear engine codes.

iSmartEV P03: suitable for electric vehicles, can reset electric parking brake, and car battery pack diagnosis.


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