EV Battery Lift (Electric version)
(Original Model: iSmartEV LT150)

A professional electrical vehicle battery pack disassembly and assemblymachine, and can quickly and safely complete the battery pack disassemblyand assembly from the bottom of the vehicle, and move and repairpositions. Equipped with heavy 360universal mobile casters to move orlock in place, and equipped with pressure insulation protective pads toprotect the safety of maintenance personnel.



  • With a rated lifting capacity of up to 1.5T, it meets the needs for most electrical vehicle battery disassembly and installation in the market
  • Utilizing laser materials and robot welding to ensure high precision and quality
  • Powered by an asynchronous AC motor, the hydraulic gear pump drives the cylinder with the assistance of balancing support bars, ensuring smooth lifting and lowering
  • Equipped with heavy-duty 360°swivel casters for easy mobility
  • The platform surface is fitted with rubber insulation pads to prevent maintenance personnel from coming into contact with electricity

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Products Parameters

Voltage AC90~264V/40~60Hz Platform Width 800mm
Operating Voltage 24V Platform Length 1260mm
Power 0.75KW Tilt Angle 25°
Rated Lifting Weight 1.5T Ascending Time 18s
Minimum Height 1100mm Descending Time 11s(descending speed adjustable)
Maximum Height 1850mm Size 1500x800x1100mm

Maintenance tips

Make Your Products Last Longer

Lower the lift to the bottom height and push it under the car that has been raised to the working height.

Align it with the load-bearing part of the car battery for stability.

Press the up button, the pump station rotates, the upper oil cylinder moves, the scissor arm rises by itself, and the side slide panel rises to the working position. Pay attention to whether the supporting part of the car battery is reliable, and whether the car is in a horizontal state, and then continue to operate after confirming that it is correct.

The switching valve controls the lifting of the upper and lower oil cylinders; press the up button, the pump station rotates, the oil cylinder moves, and the scissor arm rises or tilts according to the body; press the down button, the body descends with the oil cylinder to the lowest height.

Overload work is prohibited. When the lifting sound is abnormal or cannot be started, it should stop working, find out the reason, and eliminate the fault before continuing to use it.

Regularly add grease to the parts that need to be greased.

The hydraulic oil should be replaced after three months of operation, and once a year thereafter.

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